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Gamers United - Donation Request

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Hello GameGavel community,

For the second year in a row the local GameGavel team here in Southern California is attending a gathering in Los Angeles sponsored by Our entrance into this "party" is a gaming donation which gets distributed to various children's hospitals. Our goal is to bring with us the largest bag of donations they have ever seen! So we are asking for the help of the GameGavel community to help us accomplish this task by considering making a donation to the cause.

Donations can be mailed to (donations must be received by 12/27/10):

GameGavel, LLC
28516 Sorano Cove
Trabuco Canyon, CA 92679

Donation Request (As indicated on GamersUnited Website):
(Games - Nintendo Wii, Wii Fit, Playstation 3, X-Box 360, Gameboy Advance games, PSP, Nintendo DS)
Please note that we have a great need for multiple wireless Wii, PS 3 and Xbox 360 controllers. Also, we accept E, E10+ and T rated games. No “M” games please.
Batteries (Sizes AA, C, AAA)
*All items must be new and unwrapped due to strict infection control guidelines.

GameGavel will enter your name into a drawing for $100.00 CA$H if you make a donation. Each donor name will get a number assigned to it and a random # will be chosen using the website and the winner will be announced in various places.

Please consider donating and supporting this great cause!

Thank you,

So Cal Mike

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