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A note from the Editor.

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This is a snippet of conversation I had with my friend Phamain on Steam.


Mr. Sawyer [RAOS]: I just figured out yesterday that almost every single one of my companions on that game can wear Power Armor
Phamain: hahahahahaha, I just found out yesterday you can get two companions. and got my first two companions.
Mr. Sawyer [RAOS]: is it only two?
Mr. Sawyer [RAOS]: or can you get more?
Phamain: I thought it was just two, have you tried more?
Phamain: I mean, you can have two at a time, but there are about 8 in the game."
Mr. Sawyer [RAOS]: I tried to get that giant purple super mutant chick at jacobstown
Mr. Sawyer [RAOS]: she was like "threes a crowd"
Phamain: Yeah my friend had the same problem. For some reason I was able to get two companions though, and so could my other friend
Mr. Sawyer [RAOS]: and I was like "beeyotch, aint you never seen nick at nite, threes not a crowd, threes company!"
Mr. Sawyer [RAOS]: John Ritter was awesome
Phamain: Indeed, indeed.
Phamain: But yeah I have the dog and the super mutant woman..thing
Mr. Sawyer [RAOS]: nicely done
Mr. Sawyer [RAOS]: I wish you could recruit John Ritter
Phamain: Gotta find out why some poeople can only have 1.
Mr. Sawyer [RAOS]: certain characters don't get along
Phamain: oh, who'd you have>
Mr. Sawyer [RAOS]: I have Raul, and the robot.
Mr. Sawyer [RAOS]: Mostly because I like making racist jokes constantly to Danny Trejo
Phamain: heh
Phamain: I dunno who Raul is.
Phamain: Only one I haven't heard of
Mr. Sawyer [RAOS]: Do the Black Mountain mission
Phamain: hahahahahahahhahaa
Phamain: Oh god
Phamain: I was talking to this shayd man
Phamain: shady*
Phamain: and he starts walking away
Phamain: and Rex runs in front of him
Phamain: and he goes
Phamain: "EVENING!"
Phamain: Which was so out of charatcer
Phamain: character*
Phamain: Jesus spelling
Phamain: Butyeah
Phamain: Was funny
Mr. Sawyer [RAOS]: something like that happens to me everyday in LA
Mr. Sawyer [RAOS]: I had some homeless guy ask me where his daughter was the other day
Phamain: That's........sad.
Mr. Sawyer [RAOS]: I was like "dude I have no clue what the direct hell you're talking about."
Mr. Sawyer [RAOS]: for all I know "daughter" is new slang for ultra crack
Phamain: hahahahahahaha
Phamain: For all I know, there's a thing called ultra crack
Mr. Sawyer [RAOS]: well there is now
Mr. Sawyer [RAOS]: and it's crazy
Mr. Sawyer [RAOS]: it's like the difference between Jesus, and Ultra Christ
Phamain: Right
Phamain: Ultra christ kicks ass.
Mr. Sawyer [RAOS]: damn right
Mr. Sawyer [RAOS]: my friends and I go to this donut store in Koreatown sometimes
Mr. Sawyer [RAOS]: and the thing is, it's open 24 hours
Mr. Sawyer [RAOS]: so like at 2 AM they'll be whipping up donuts
Mr. Sawyer [RAOS]: but they turn on this sign that says "HOT!"
Mr. Sawyer [RAOS]: when that shit's on, it's delicious time
Phamain: Krisy Kreme
Mr. Sawyer [RAOS]: well my friend goes... "I bet there are the donuts that Ultra Christ would eat"
Mr. Sawyer [RAOS]: these*
Phamain: Yeah there was a place like that around here, but it closed down
Phamain: was delicious\
Phamain: Definatley ultra christ worthy
Mr. Sawyer [RAOS]: when it shut down, did you go apeshit, and burn a bunch of stuff down?
Mr. Sawyer [RAOS]: or just look dissapointedly at the closed shop, and shuffle your feet away?
Phamain: I pressed my face against the window, with a long frown and a single teardrop, as we slowly drove away.
Mr. Sawyer [RAOS]: that's the saddest thing I have ever heard in my life
Phamain: Exactly.
Mr. Sawyer [RAOS]: you were like the indian from that "don't litter because indians hate it" commercial way back when
Mr. Sawyer [RAOS]: he turns around, sees a pepsi can
Mr. Sawyer [RAOS]: cries
Phamain: oh I saw something like that.
Phamain: YEAH
Phamain: Oh god
Mr. Sawyer [RAOS]: damn Native Americans, what are they so damn touchy about?
Mr. Sawyer [RAOS]: well, other than the whole pillaging their land thing
Mr. Sawyer [RAOS]: and the sneaking small pox on them
Phamain: And taking their women
Phamain: That's a big one.
Phamain: By the way you have the hair of gods, just saw your picture and felt I should share that.
Mr. Sawyer [RAOS]: and giving them access to poker rules, and letting them have blackjack tables with 2 dealers
Mr. Sawyer [RAOS]: lol thanks, I feel like a wookie
Mr. Sawyer [RAOS]: it's down to my shoulders now
Phamain: Damn.
Phamain: You must get envy-stares from everybody.
Mr. Sawyer [RAOS]: people do stare at me. that much is true.
Mr. Sawyer [RAOS]: not so sure if it's envy, or "what the hell is wrong with that guys face?"
Mr. Sawyer [RAOS]: either way I'm just happy to be noticed
Mr. Sawyer [RAOS]: well anyway, I figured I'd bug you for a minute on this fine sunday morning
Phamain: Well, I actually have to go drive my grandpa to a hardware store, because I'm an amazing person.
Phamain: ya know?
Phamain: only saints do that.
Mr. Sawyer [RAOS]: that's true
Mr. Sawyer [RAOS]: I read that somewhere in a pizza hut once
Phamain: Must eb true.
Mr. Sawyer [RAOS]: mmmm hmmm
Phamain: Alright then, bye.
Phamain is now Away.
Mr. Sawyer [RAOS]: peace

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