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Eric Campbell

Indie Review: Bullet Candy Perfect is a Rave for your eyes.

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Entering the world of Indie Games is like breathing mountain air after living in a smoggy city all your life. I say this because I didn't want to burden you with the "breath of fresh air" cliche. Oh well. This game has you zipping around, blasting everything in a multicolored light show to the musical beat of something you would hear in a night club in West Hollywood. Not that I would know...

In short, Bullet Candy Perfect is perfectly named.

This game is like playing a revamped version of Asteroids on acid. With a simple premise, vivid display of effects coupled by a brisk pace, makes this a gratifying little title. Utilizing the keyboard to move and mouse to aim and fire, the play control manages to balance itself between point-and-click, to standing on a balance beam while rubbing your head and patting your belly. That isn't to say the control is bad, just the opposite. It adds to the dynamic of the game, making your "zigs when you should have zagged" a piece of the enjoyment.

I do have two criticisms however, the first being the difficulty curve. You'll blast your way through the first couple of levels in a happy, wondrous display of rainbow colored star bursts and laser fire in less than a minute. Then somewhere around level 6, you will die, die, DIE. The level in question opens with you being totally surrounded and under fire giving you mere seconds to react before your annihilation. It's like listening to a song that is constantly playing the same beat and just when you think the next bar of music is going to be the same as the last, the music stops and you're the only person in the room singing out loud. Still, the game begs for mastery and holds your attention long enough that these momentary oversights keep you on the edge of your seat. Something tells me that given time, a player could become skilled enough to dodge through the madness no matter what ambush the next level surprised them with. The same way you see those nerds on Dance, Dance, Revolution games in the arcade. The ones that never make a mistake, hop around like Ninja on the dance pad scoring perfect after perfect and have 4 girls under each arm. The bastard.

My second and last criticism is probably the least forgiving and most unfortunate. The game appears to be slightly bugged. On occasion, when a stage loaded, the game would lock up and get blocky. I mean Atari 2600-under-a-magnifying-glass kinda blocky. I gave it a couple of tries and after a few restarts I learned that along with the stage load, alt+tabbing out of the game basically meant a total game crash. It was the only other blemish I could find for this nifty title.

So is it worth its weight in gold? For $4.95 at GAMERSGATE? Definitely.

I give it

Eric "GameScribbler" Campbell

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