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Console Wars: 7th Generation

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A battle account by a Blood-Elf Rogue who fought in De_Dust_2:

“Mario stalks the field as he cautiously scans the battle arena. ‘Mama Mia!’ yells Mario. As the rocket glides towards the mushroom hero, one can see from a far distance Master Chief loading another round ready to bombard Mario. Luckily for Mario, his magical cape proved a quick solution as the rock bounced off the cape. The rocket collided with one of the walls of the fame arena Dust2. As Master Chief shot another rocket, a small cardboard box slowly inched toward to his location. Before he knew it, Snake dragged the fame Spartan under the box and quickly subdued the Chief. With the Spartan down, Snake hastily scanned for that Overall-Wearing-Italian-Mushrooming-Consuming bastard. Bearing down on his mark, Mario flew down upon the sky holding on tightly to Yoshi. In one thunderous bellow, Mario crushed the box and all of the inhabitants within it. With his lost breath, Snake whimpered into his headset ‘Send back up.’ Suddenly without warning, a loud bang echoed throughout Dust2. Freeman was perfectly positioned in Pit when he let off one shot from his AWP. Mario was down for the count. Silence fell down on bombsite A. Freeman let out a sigh of relief as this battle was over.



Sniped by:

Looking down from her gunship, Samus Aran filled with rage as she witnessed Mario’s head being completely ripped off by the 50 caliber. Summoning Ridley, Samus plummeted towards Freeman in anger for the slaying of Mario. While Samus was hurling towards Freeman, the ground shook violently. In an instance, the ground erupted as Kratos and Marcus Fenix struck one another. Marcus flew at such ferocity that he knocked Ridley and Samus out of the sky. Seeing this, Freeman quickly shot his portal gun and teleported before the dragon could fell right onto Pit. As the stealth rogue looked onward, he could hear Freeman mutter ‘Guess it’s just not over yet’”





Who will win?

This detailed battle pretty much sums up the epic battle that people imagine when one says “Console War.” Using the head stars of each console, they battle out to see the victor of each generation. Like a gladiatorial match, this epic battle is generational and ongoing. But many of you are probably asking, “WTF Jace, why are you talking about console wars?” Well to be frank, there was an EPIC thread on Facebook that had people flaming each other on which console was better. I couldn’t help reading while thinking about my next review…

Typical people on facebook flaming

So here are my thoughts on the console wars. These are my opinions and opinions alone. Don’t over-react because these are opinions and not FACTS.

What is the console war?

Basically the console wars are battles where each company competes to see who can sell more units than one another (Currently Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo). So how do you achieve this? By whatever means necessary. Better graphics, creative controls, captivating game interaction, and exclusive titles are just a few techniques that each company uses to sucker people into buying there console. The victor is usually the one who is most popular and/or the one who moved the most units. For example, the last generation victor, PS2, was the most popular console and had out sold the competitors.

My opinion on each console:

Xbox 360

It is probably the most popular console in production right now. The 360 has great exclusive titles and more importantly the strongest online support. Other companies should fellow the Xbox Live formula because of its ease and great functionality. It has decent graphics but not as good as the PS3. My prediction is that the 360 will win the console wars and will move the most units among this generation.


I consider the PS3 as the new kid on the block. It has the best graphics on any console currently in production. It does seem to lack the library and online play that the 360 has but this is quickly changing. With the announcement of Portal 2 for the PS3, the PS3 is gaining more third-party games to boost its library selection. A great competitor for the 360 and will come in a close second place to the 360.


The underdog of this console generation. Moving away from graphical improvements, Nintendo went for a more creative route with the WII. It was a huge success as Nintendo tapped into the causal market and sold millions of units. Although it is the least popular among the hardcore gamers, the WII still gathers support from fans from popular franchises like Metroid, Mario, and Zelda. Lacks online support but is the most creative out of all consoles. The WII inevitably ends third on the list.

What about the PC?
Three words: Not a Console. The market for pc gaming has and will exist as long as games are still being developed by PCs. Unlike a console, the usage of the PC is not only limited to gaming. The application of the computer is so entrenched on modern society that there would be pc gaming in one form or another. While each consoles battles for the crown, the PC has sat in the background and continues to emerge unscathed.

So people these are my thoughts on the console wars. If you like, leave a comment. If you don’t, leave a comment. I’m always interested to hear what people have to say. Till my next post people, GAME ON!

HALOID...just watch the epicness of it....

Bob Vu/Jacing It Up Writer

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