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Mclean Oshiokpekhai

Flash Coming to the iPhone/iPad

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Flash, Adobe's coding structure that takes up nearly 3/4s of the internet, is finally coming to the iDevices...sorta. Previously, Apple was adamant on keeping Flash away from their hardware, stating that it doesn't work for mobile devices and would suck up way to much battery power.

Skyfire finds away around Apple's restriction. Instead of trying to display Flash on the phone itself, Skyfire downloads whatever you're trying to view that requires Flash, transposes into a accepted format (like HTML5), and then spits it back out to your phone. The app currently only works with Flash encoded video (no mobile Newgrounds D: ), and video doesn't include Hulu, but in any case, it's a start.

Skyfire will cost iDevice users $2.99 on the App Store on Thursday, and is already available on the Android Marketplace for Android phones. Who's excited to get rid of Blue Lego's?

- via CNN Money

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  1. RetroPom's Avatar
    I'm not finding this on an App Store search....I'm in New Zealand.

    Anyone else had any luck?


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