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Mclean Oshiokpekhai

BIT.TRIP BEAT coming to PC/Mac via Steam

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Image courtesy of Gaijin Games

There is a god, and he/she is amazing.

I've always wanted to play BIT.TRIP BEAT, and honestly, it's on my list Wii games I have to play. Well, maybe I won't get the complete motion controller experience, but I will be able to get in on the game. Today, Gaijin games announced that tomorrow, BIT.TRIP BEAT will becoming to the PC and Mac, via everyone's favorite digital distribution service.

BIT.TRIP BEAT on Steam will launch with a few extras, including online leader boards, social networking integration, an "Easy Mode", multiple controller support, achievements, and an HD visual upgrade. Get ready to see those blocks in 1080p...or higher, if you're extreme like that.

All of this will cost you $9.99, or if you choose to buy it tomorrow, when it comes out, or anytime before November 9th, you'll get 10% off!. So yeah, save yourself 9 bucks and pick this game up, won't you?

- Via Gaijin Games Blog

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  1. Eric Campbell's Avatar
    I got to play this at IndieCade! This game is absolutely worth its weight in gold! And now on PC!? HELL YES.

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