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Retro Reviews- Chrono Trigger

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There are few titles in the history of games that stand out as paragons of what a good game should be. Chrono Trigger is one of a select catalog of games that I recommend every player of video games pick up at some point. It is, essentially perfect from start to finish. Everything about it, from musical score to game play, to storyline construction is crafted with utmost care and concern to the gamers overall enjoyment of the game. It is without a doubt, my favorite game in all gaming-dom.

You begin the game as a spikey headed little guy, named Chrono. You are quickly embroiled in an epic, multi time period quest to save the world itself from a being from outer space. I think one of the first things to point out about this game is its absolutely grand scale. You come in contact with wizards, imps, mutants, dragons, dinosaurs, robots, knights, time machines, the origin of man, and his decline and eventual end on earth. You fight with magic, and guns and swords, and bombs and lasers. Nothing I have ever played since gave me as many options and unique ways to unleash a massive pile of pain and devastation on my enemies. You will travel back, forwards, and out of time. You will also, if your able to, fall in love with many of the games quirky, yet loveable characters.


Another one of the great things about this game, is its music. Every video game music lover will 95% of the time point out that this game is what got them into gaming music. Its orchestral sound is baffling, considering it managed to do it all with freaking chip tunes. I honestly will admit, there are one or two of the pieces from the whole orchestration that I want played at my wedding, and one specifically played at my funeral. I would feel really nerdy saying that if it were not a sentiment shared by a great many people I know. It is unparalleled in its time for just an amazing soundtrack. You can pick up the soundtrack at most specialty stores that sell anime and video game music. My personal preference is the Chrono Symphonic album you can torrent from OCremix.

As far as game play itself is concerned, Chrono Trigger, was a real step in a new direction. It featured a three character turn based system of combat, that had AoE effect ranges, an active wait battle timer, combo attacks, and one of the most ingenious magic systems ever designed. Seeing what Squaresoft has produced since this, it makes me sad as an old die hard fan of theirs, because it created such an amazing system here, and did relatively nothing with it after this. The storyline unfolds with a wonderfully natural grace, and really managed to draw me in entirely because each of your characters is a whole person unto themselves. You learn about their unique paths and how each one came to be with you. In the end, everybody has their own perfect team of people, and thats what was really awesome about the game. It let you make your own decisions about who you took with you, and what story unfolded when you did.


There is a direct reason that this game has been ported more than any other classic rpg Square made. It can be played on Snes, Ps1, GBA, The DS, PSP, and if you own the original copy, PC. If you have access to one of these formats, go and play it right now. It can last you an unprecedented 40-50 hours a play, and if you get it on the ps1, has a really kick ass new game plus feature that doubles that. 50 hours of game play in 1995 is absurd. It also features the best lineup square ever had on a single game, the developers list is a veritable who's who of Japanese game design. It is one of the best games ever produced on any console or platform and every iteration of it is almost exactly the same. I've played a hell of a lot of RPG's in my life, and it never got any better than this.

6 out of 5. Yeah. Cause its Chrono Trigger.

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Josh Wright
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