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E3 3DS Hands On & My Opinion

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ES 3DS Hands On & My Opinion
Ok. Just got back from day two at E3. Finally got into the line to see the 3DS. It was very organized. There were about 300 people in line when we got in. They had a stage with about 4 very long rows of tables with a 3DS system spaced out about ever 24" With a hot girl sitting behind each 3DS that would explain things - basically they just sat there and looked cute

The cool thing is they would release people in groups of about 10 every 20 minutes onto the stage where you had 20 minutes to move between all the different games and demos they had running. So here it goes.

I have to say that this thing is freaking amazing! No gimmick. Just plain ass cool! After playing the jet pack stage of Pilot Wings Resort in 3-D I was sold and will def be one that is going to be standing in line to get one of these day 1. I also played Ridge Racer 3D, Star Fox 3-D (Blew My Mind!). They had demos of Dead or Alive 3D, Animal Crossing 3D and Kid Icarus 3D. They also had a sweet thing where it would take a photo of your face, turn it into 3-D and you would move the system up or down , left or right - kind of like an iphone and it would steer around kind of like tilting of the iphone in games - so does also have tilt controls builtin.

Next there is a slide switch on the right side of the top screen where you can change between 3D and 2D - it's freaking wild. In addition to the Dpad there is now an analog type thumb stick which works very nicely.

Overall, I can assure you all that this will be a huge seller for the Big N. And I can't wait for some 3-D Tetris. Oh, you know it's coming!

Also, have to add that I played the new Pac Man Arcade Game - Pac Man Vs. and wow. You only thought 4-player Warlords was the best 4 player arcade game. Not when you see one of these. I will be posting some video of this thing soon!

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  1. BydoEmpire73's Avatar
    I had zero interest in the 3DS. I don't play handhelds very often, so my iPod Touch handles those needs nicely. I've read so many really, really positive hands-on impressions of the 3DS that I'm definitely interested now. Star Fox 3D would be my killer app.

    Thanks for the hands-on impressions, SoCal. Sounds like you're having a blast.
  2. GameGavel's Avatar
    The Jet Pack stage in Pilot Wings sold me. And the 3D flying and skimming over the water in Star Fox was truly one of the coolest things I've ever experienced in gaming! A 3D Tetris, which I am sure will be coming eventually, will also be extremely cool!
  3. Dhalamar's Avatar
    Nintendo has been almost complete disappointment for me ever since the N64. I remember the Ultra 64 ads in Killer Instinct ... then we got the Nintendo 64. The Gamecube kind of caused me to raise an eyebrow (and not in a good way) ... the Wii has never even entered into my mind as an actual system though there's maybe 5 games I like for it total. The Game Boy Advance was kind of neat though.

    The DS ... Mario Kart DS and New Super Mario Bros was good, but that's about it. And definitely not worth buying the thing again for. Nintendo has just kind of lost me in the end.

    Of course even crap systems have good games. N64 has Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, Conker's Bad Fur Day, Mario Kart 64, etc etc ... the GBA game I played the most was Street Fighter Alpha 3. I can't recall any Gamecube games I actually liked, though I know they exist. And the Wii ... uugh. What a joke except for shit like House of the Dead, the Pinball Collections, the Data East Arcade thing, Ju-On ... there's probably a couple of others.

    My little iPod Touch is a better gaming device than the DS has ever been to me, and the 3DS ... haven't seen it in action so can't comment on it ... but I haven't been interested in hardly anything Nintendo has done for probably 10 years or more. Of course I'll end up eventually trying out the 3DS on the hopes that Nintendo makes a handheld (or eventually a console) that's actually worth bothering with for me.

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