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Nate Nickels

News Center: Sony to release PlayStation 2 Toy Story 3 bundle.

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With over 2000 games the Sony PlayStation 2 does not have much else to prove. The system that really took 3D gaming to the mainstream crowd continues its legacy with the release of a new bundle featuring the Disney hit film Toy Story 3. Hearing this story makes us think it’s a Halloween joke, but we went straight to the source for this scoop.

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The PlayStation 2 really does not need much of an introduction after all it has many of the greatest hits of the last generation and a few hundred horrible games that you should avoid at all costs. But if we are counting numbers it blew away the completion in terms of titles released and still has games in develop for it. With a very excellent backwards compatible with PlayStation one games and much stronger hardware build than the original model the PS2 can still hold its own.

This bundle comes with one controller and the Toy Story 3 game. We would of liked to see a bigger bundle with at least two controllers and a few games. How many of these systems did they produce? Thoughts around the web are they are trying to get rid of the stash of PS2 systems, which still sell well in some countries. Also the Toy Story 3 game is budget priced at only $30 so the deal loses a bit of its glamor. Over 140 million systems have been sold over since its launch in 2001.

If you break down the sales numbers it really means only 50 million were sold and people had to rebuy the system at least 2 or 3 times because of breakdowns. I am on my 3rd system the latest of which survived a TV crashing onto it. Please note the TV was harmed. I lost it shortly after the crash. The private funeral took place in a quiet meadow along a peaceful river. The cat was scolded and not given dinner that night.

You usually can get a used PS2 for around fifty dollars U.S. What is the incentive to pick up this latest bundle then? If you were really late to the party and want a system that will last many years we could see you wanting to pick this up. Since the system had the most amount of games released for it the consumer wins with really cheap prices on great games. If you are not hog tied into getting the latest system then the PS2 can occupy a great deal of your gaming time and dollar.

Either way the PS2 drove sales and helped innovation in the current generation of consoles. If Sony had not dominated the market last generation Nintendo might not have taken a gamble with the Wii Remote. If you are just starting you PS2 collection we recommend the greatest hits library of games. These feature a wide variety of subjects for every gamer. Both great and horrible games can be found on the PS2, it has something for everybody.

We want to know what you think of this latest bundle from Sony. Do you think this is a smart move or is it a fire sale being covered up by cleaver marketing?

Nate Nickels

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