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Mclean Oshiokpekhai

EA Buys Angry Birds Publisher.

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Image Courtsey of Asiabizz and Rovio

Angry Birds is seriously the best game to touch my Android Phone, and I've picked up a lot of free trials from the Android Marketplace. I think a lot of iPhone users can say the same about Angry Birds and their respective services, and I think EA knows that when the decided to buy Chillingo, the publisher of Angry Birds on the iDevices.

The deal reportedly went down today for less than 20 Million dollars, which is considerably less than EA's last mobile buyout, which cost them $400 million dollars in cash.

In any case, any indie developer that was affiliated with Chillingo isn't really a part of this deal, so it doesn't look like will be seeing Angry Birds on all the other systems under the sun, but EA is planing to up their mobile prowress on the iDevices. No word on whether the Android App Market is in EA's crosshairs, but I'm willing to bet EA's got plan for the droids as well.

- Via LA Times

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