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E3: Every Dog Has Its Day

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So with two days of E3 behind us, let's look at how we're fairing so far. Microsoft underwhelmed us with some interesting but ultimately boring footage of Kinect and didn't really give us any meat to gnaw on. Sure, Kinect is cool, but you know what's cooler? Games. That's why I bought the damn system.

So Nintendo and Sony went today. I have to say, I got excited. I felt that little nervous twinge of anticipation, counting down release dates, looking forward to video game play. Let's recap with some thoughts on the projects involved.

First off, Legend of Zelda: SkyWard Sword. I'm digging it. Bringing the cartoon Link to the consoles again is awesome, it makes sense consider numerous past iterations on the handhelds are of the same vein, and it really seems like it's going to be a million times better than that joke of a release title Twilight Princess. Sure, it was a great GAMECUBE Zelda but a garbage WII Zelda.

Next up, Nintendo kept the momentum with the announcement of the new Kirby and Donkey Kong titles for the Wii. Not a terrible amount was shown but they both look promising and bringing DK back to the Donkey Kong Country style gameplay is a solid move.

Wii Party and the Mario Sports Clusterfuck look about as dumbtarded as it gets. Nintendo is actually knocking off their own fucking game with Wii Party and I really couldn't care less about another Mario sports title. The remake of Goldeneye is also pretty incredible but they're taking out players from multiplayer. Why? Aren't we two full generations ahead console wise now? Shouldn't we be able to fit more characters? Guess not, because the Wii is a box of fail sometimes and it apparently can't support as much as a N64 cartridge could.

Then came the 3DS. They're still keeping it a little under wraps but as soon as I heard the beautiful words "Kid Icarus I was sold. I love Kid Icarus and was devastated when they canceled his Wii project.

Then Sony came up. Sony, overall, wasn't impressive. I think the Move looks like a blatant and shameful rip off of the Wii and it also looks like a Charms blow pop, so fuck that. I was pretty bored all the way through, had a few laughs with Kevin Butler, and then I came when I saw the new Twisted Metal. I knew it was going to get announced but I had no idea it was going to be on this scale or this rad. I am beyond excited for this game.

I hope something interesting happens tomorrow. Personally? Kingdom Hearts III or Half Life 3. I'm really okay with either.


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