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Mclean Oshiokpekhai

HELL YEAH: DOTA 2 Announced

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Warcraft III/League Of Legends/Heroes of Newerth players rejoice! Valve has announced that they are, in fact, making DOTA 2.

DOTA, or Defense of The Ancients, was originally a Warcraft III mod, in which players took control of "heroes" and defended/attacked their opponents Ancients, with the aid of A.I. controlled bots. Numerous patches, a new launch called DOTA AllStars, and a slew of clones (including League of Legends and Heroes of Newerth) spawned from this mod, but when Valve hired one of the lead designers of AllStars, "Icefrog", and filed trademark for the "DOTA" name, you knew DOTA 2 was probably on the way.

In essence, Valve says they are going to keep everything that makes DOTA the same, so almost no major gameplay changes will be made. It will be running on an updated Source Engine (yay proper lighting and cloth physics!), and it will be using Steamworks for matchmaking. There will be various other aesthetic upgrades, such as custom voice work and character bios that interweave between heroes.

Valve also plans to help out newbies like me with a system that will encourage friendlier play, interactive guides, insightful discussion of the game, and there's even a coaching system, in which veteran users will be able to watch and chat with newer players as they learn the ropes.

All this and presumably more will be coming when DOTA 2 launches sometime in 2011, Valve Time withstanding. As a guy who desperately wants to get into League Of Legends, this excites me greatly. How about you?

- Via Game Informer

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  1. SteveSawyer's Avatar
    DOTA, and Demigod always struck me as eerily similar. Sadly I have played neither. Am I a total douche?
  2. Mclean Oshiokpekhai's Avatar
    I've only really played League of Legends, and while it is fun, the community is some of worst I've ever seen. I'm hoping that with DOTA 2, with all the things Valve is doing to encourage niceness, that we'll get a better community.

    But if all else fails, dedicated servers.
  3. Anthony Wastella's Avatar
    I've only had good things with the League of Legends community to be honest. Once they added the ranked matches it became a lot more fun since all the douchebags moved to them, leaving people who wanted to have fun in the unranked ones.

    if you ever feel like giving it a shot again (why not it's free) you know where to find me.

    Also with no connection to DOTA Allstars, and the fact i have the free LoL. I need some major convincing to buy DOTA 2.

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