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Halo Reach Review

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Halo Reach, Bungie’s 4th Halo game. Man, Time Flies huh? I’ve watched you from afar for a long while Halo. You never sold me on a system. I remember when you came onto the scene, me and my Gamecube stayed ignorant. When I played Halo 2 for the first time I was just sorta meh about it. Played 4 Player Co-Op through Halo 3’s entire campaign in 1 night. Dabbled in the multiplayer when at parties. So Basically with all that backstory, I’m just saying that I’m not a fanboy off the bat. In fact I sort of hated the play style of Halo games to be honest, leaning more towards Call of Duty’s play style but Modern Warfare 2 screwed the pooch on that (saving that for another day/rant).

ANYWAY… Review Time. Halo Reach. Yeah. It is a game where you shoot things, from mostly a 1st Person Viewpoint. So The game is good. Yes I’ll be upfront with that, it’s really solid. All that Bungie has packed into this game makes it well worth the price. Let’s do a rundown on this last Halo Hurrah.

The Campaign. It’s a really solid, if not perfect, campaign for a game. If you’re familiar with the Halo story. ( I was a little through books and friends really into it.) Then you know what happens to Reach. [Spoilers] The game ends where Halo opens.[/Spoilers] The difference between this and the past games is the Lack of Master Chief as the protagonist. (I know Halo 3: ODST wasn’t Chief, it’s not a main game though so suck it.) Instead you’re given a blank Spartan who fills in the missing slot on Nobel Team, the main characters of the game. They’re a varied if not completely original team. You got your Stoic Leader, the badass chick with a chip on her shoulder, the foreigner (weird how he as an accent somehow different from the rest of them even though I guess they were raised together), a somewhat thoughtful one, a badass with a gatling gun and a heart of gold (the only Spartan II on the team oddly enough, the best brand of Spartans too) and then you, who’s just bland enough to fill in the gaps. The deaths are all fairly predictable, aside from 2 which feel tacked on because they had to write the characters out of the story somehow. It took till the 2nd half of the campaign before I felt any emotional investment with them, as the story till then was almost non existent with little to none characterization happening.

They tried some ways to change up the action in the story and one of the big things they had was the Space mission. It played out like a bad Star Wars Battlefront game. Like the PSP ones. Shoot some fighters, Disable a Larger ships Engines, board it, and plant a bomb. I hate to ruin it but the space flight felt...slow and stiff. Not fluid at all, I was happy it was just one level of it though, disappointed at how sloppy it was too. Though kudos for changing it up for 1 level. In fact, the first half of the game’s game play is some of the blandest shooting I’ve encountered. It picks up in the 3rd Act though for sure, but wow is it really mindless and dull. The Difficulty’s been up’d too so there’s some more challenge to be had but what’s the point really, I know and you know that you’re going to sink more time into the multiplayer so I should talk about that now right?

Well this is where Reach Shines, Multiplayer. Home of frothing fanboys loyal to this franchise. There’s A LOT of multiplayer-playing to be had. From the classic Slayer, to an improved Firefight, this game has it all. Firefight’s Halo’s take on fighting waves of enemies and this is one of the most customizable ones out there. Needless to say I’ve had a blast with it. O there’s Forge too. Bigger than ever, with a map called “Forge World” giving a huge array of freedom to build what ever you want, more so than anything else. It’s the most impressive console map builder ever. There’s also 4 player co-op for the campaign which is nice to see back, and 4 player split screen for multiplayer (2 split-screen coop though) a dieing breed of multiplayer. All in all I had a lot of fun with Halo Reach. The Story wasn’t all that and a bag of chips, but it is a nice snack. Multiplayer is the main course of the day and honestly if you’ve never given Halo a chance for whatever reason like myself, give this one a look. It might be the change of pace if your shooting diet.

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    You make me hate not having a 360. I need this.

    I need this and Griffball back in my life.

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