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DLC Reviews- The Secret Armory Of General Knoxx

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SWEET JESUS TITTY CINNAMON! I could not have expected the level of content that Gearbox delivered with this absolutely massive expansion. New guns, new enemies, four massive maps, a secret boss that is near invulnerable alone, and loads and loads of vehicular manslaughter. It makes me feel proud to be a fan of this companies work, after seeing the detail and attention they paid to this relatively cheap addition to the game.


At the outset of your arrival in T-bone Junction, a quaint motoring town that plays host to a whole gaggle of characters from the main game, you find the Atlas Corporation is a tiny bit miffed you saved an entire planet from being eaten alive by a Lovecraftian horror. In fact, they have dispatched an assassin squad of sexy ninja ladies to come speed your exit from life in general. Your duty as a person who doesn't want to die horribly, is to discover why they have suddenly taken a reinvested interest in your sorry hide.

You can't really jump in to this one until very late in the game. The first missions won't be anywhere near achievable until at least level 34. That being said though, there is a butt load here to keep you busy. This is the first of the expansions to really even use the vehicles. It adds two new ones, and an upgraded version of the regular car from the first game. Each one has particular strengths and weaknesses which you'll discover with use, and adds an entirely new series of weapons and mods, which will come in real handy when you get to the not so secret boss. Which, in case you're wondering cannot be beaten till level 60 or so, which is the max.


The humor here is fantastic. From echoes between members of the Crimson Lance, to messages hidden in erectile dysfunction medication ads, you'll be laughing from start to finish. The gameplay is really solid too. You get introduced to medics, which have their own special health restoring turrets, and the lances own special badasses. Most of whom will drop specialized elemental weaponry and grenades. The missions are also very difficult at times, as you'll be dealing with some of the very best Atlas has to offer. Don't expect to breeze through this, as the soldiers and midgets of The Crimson Tollway, are extremely well armed.


I liked just about every part of this expansion. Yeah, the new vehicles tip over like a tinfoil boat in a storm, and yeah, the Lance soldiers come out of every door and even spawn right in front of you, but in a weird way it actually kind of works. I don't really have a whole bunch of negative things to say about this one, honestly. For the money, you get like 15 hours of extended game play, which is a steal at 9.95. The storyline is a bit weak, but the combat is intense and varied enough to actually worry you a few times. You'll feel a bit like a one man army of lead death as you mow down squad after squad of Crimson Lance, sometimes with their own weapons.

This succeeds in just about every category, and I highly recommend picking it up. It will keep you laughing and killing for hours on end, and the rewards are really great. A few surprises scattered here and there, and lots of new missions are just what the doctor ordered if you've beaten the main game, and want to keep on rolling with the Borderlands greatness.

P.S.- One word of caution, The secret boss is ridiculously hard to kill, and as I mentioned before, near impossible to solo. I don't advise even trying it till you're well into your second play through.

4 sweet Jesus titty cinnamon's out of 5

Josh Wright
Contributing Writer

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    This Steam game requires multiple product keys. When the game asks for one, you can press shift+tab to close this message that is totally boning your screenshots to hell, and categories would be awesome too. Otherwise, an amazing article!

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