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Anthony Wastella

Minecraft: Single Player Mini-Review

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So I bet dear readers that I had fallen off the face of the earth, well fear no longer. I was trying to break a habit. A Currently $13ish Habit.



If You've been around the internet in the past few weeks i'm sure you've seen posts about it. But what about exactly what it is huh? Well I'll give you all a break down about how my Minecraft Experience went, Just so you all get a heads up on it, if you choose to try it yourself.

Day 1: Try Offline Single Player to get bearings on the game. It's all first person and blocky. Fail at punching trees and the ground. Killed at Night by exploding things.

Day 2: Single Player again. (Will stay here from now on through) Realize how to mine right. Randomly mine things in game. Check the user-powered wiki ( ) See about crafting. Things get serious.

Day 3: Get a Sweet Pad Set up in the Rock Caves. Get Blown up at night. Learn about Doors. Excite become.

Day 4: Realize how to replenish health (meat from animals apparently...) Less Death All Around

Day 10: Still trying to perfect how i start the game off, so i can try and get torches for nightfall and then work my way up to better things all around.

A Stadium WHAT

Anyway, Minecraft is addicting. You Go around punching things at first, then you use things to make more stuff which you use to build cool houses and more items, and just keep going from there. Think of all those survival games, and make them badasslt retro, add in the building nature of lego blocks and you got a nice Brick of Crack Cocaine right there.

I assume even moreso on the Multiplayer Servers where there's no build limits in place, and that's where all the insane pixel art comes from. I haven't touched there yet, since you need to know a server's address to play on the really cool ones. (Easy to find, I've just been a tad busy)

It's hard to get across what makes this game so alluring. Is it the low price? The sharpened Embrace of the Blocky Graphics echoing the Retro-Styling of everything Indie Nowadays? The clever crafting system which is merely a ruse for the more insane possibilities of the teraforming building system?

I can't pick just one, but it is certainly true of them all. So Dear readers, go check out Minecraft. Now. Here.

Anthony Wastella Writer

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  1. Dhalamar's Avatar
    If only my computer could run that worth a damn.
  2. Anthony Wastella's Avatar
    Have you tried lowering the settings?

    The game doesn't seem that hardware intensive, though having a macbook Pro makes things hard to judge on minimum requirements anymore.
  3. Dhalamar's Avatar
    Yeah, I cut it down, still runs like shit.

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