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E3: Worth The Excitement?

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It's June. Summer time. It's easy to recall being a child and awaiting summer because it meant something amazing for everyone who visits this site: playing video games all summer long.

Now, later in life, it's still important to us as gamers. It's when nerds and news reporters and developers gather at a psuedo mecca for the gaming culture. That's right boys and girls: it's E3.

E3 is basically the most looked forward to event of the year for gamers barring the release dates of their favorite games. It's like the developers and publishers open the curtains of their world and give us a little sneak peek, they let us in on their secrets. Sometimes our hearts expand but, quite often lately, they drop and we're left saddened and unsatisfied.

Let's face it, I think E3 always gives us nerds these hopes and dreams that we have thought of since we were young, not even double digits, and every year we think "this will be the year." Sometimes, that year never comes. Maybe it never will.

Last year had some great announcements: Metal Gear Solid for the 360, the Playstation Move and Project Natal, Metroid: Other M and the new Legend of Zelda. But was it really all we were asking for? I think not. Capcom teases us with a "huge announcement" for a new game that is a sequel to an already loved IP. What gets announced? Lost Planet 2. Sure, we got Marvel vs. Capcom 3 a few months ago but it was no E3 exploit.

Another example? Square-Enix whispers sweet nothings into our ears about a sequel to one of their beloved franchises as well. Chrono Trigger? Will the nerdgasms abound. No. We get the new Front Mission; if you're a Front Mission fan, great for all 12 of you. Let's face it though, Square has so much product they could grace us with yet they fall back on some mediocre series that has never really been relevant.

Fuck that. You're going to tease us? Give us something we've actually been clamoring for. So E3 kicked off today. EA and Ubisoft had less than exciting demos to show off. Assassins Creed: Who Cares and some more footage of Medal of Honor: Call of Duty knock off are shown. Come on! E3 used to knock us off our ass. Now we just get glorified demos? What's going on?!

The new 360 was a big announcement and Kinect seems cool but I really just want some crazy shit to go down at E3. The shit we daydream about. I want to come home and find my phone at 100% text capacity and it's all my friends saying things like "OMG THEY ANNOUNCED FFVII REMAKE" and "HIDEO AND SUDA51 ARE REMAKING SHOOTER!"

One day...I dream. We'll see.

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  1. Jacing It Up's Avatar
    It happens when people really hype up E3. People aren't the one to blame but the publishers/developers themselves. Gotta find a way to get free publicity for there game! We can only dream am I rite?

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