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Fallout 3

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A little rant, praise, and random stuff about Fallout 3

I just recently got back into playing Fallout 3 for the PlayStation 3. I ran through it in 2008 when it came out and have been replaying it trying to find more locations and side missions. I do a lot of sports gaming on my new generation consoles but don't really play much else. But ever since Fallout 3 came out I have been hooked. This is slowly becoming my favorite game ever. The massive explorations, the post apocalyptic scenery, the survival mindset, also the fun NPC's.

The story is captivating to me. A lot of people on various forums, message boards, youtube, and other sources of social networking state that Fallout 3 is a blatant rip off of "Mad Max" and other post apocalyptic movies and other fiction. Were I agree with some of them that this game feels like i am playing a version of "A Boy And His Dog" it feels like much more that that. The vast wastes can be a bit daunting at times but once you find some of the what may be 100's of map markers you can simply fast travel to your selected location. The only problems I have with making this such a massive world is the lack of different locations. An example of this is the many miles of destroyed Metro stations. You can travel for hours under D.C. and the whole time you feel like you have played this before. Well thats because you have all they did was move some textures, and rubble around to make up separate subway platforms. This doesn't take me out of the game so much but does get annoying.With this being 2010 (2008) when this game came out, and what technology we have for our games they should be able to make every part of the metro interesting. But I suppose this could go either way since your average subway looks similar if not the exact same at each stop. But if this is the case don't make the subway so giant. So all in all the graphics, textures, and limit of creativity hurt the game a bit, but given the games size its understandable.

The gun game (meaning how they handle the amount of, and how they fire) isn't the best on this game. To be honest it actually isn't all that good. I found my self with a 75% repaired Hunting Rifle about 7 yards away from a radroach. I log into VATS and I have a 95% chance of hitting this limbs (being its back). I decide to save my VATS and just zoom in. At this point my cross hairs are on top of a now stationary radroach just out of reach from the tip of my gun and blamo, I miss. What? I missed a 7 yard shot on a stationary object? This is some what frustrating but is doable if you play through the game constantly using the VATS system. But if you try and run through it like an FPS you may find yourself quitting it fast. The worst part of this game to me is always having to repair you weapons and armor. I do like the fact that you have to repair in Oblivion but in Fallout 3 it really doesn't work. Guns in real life do break down and have to be maintained in various ways. But in a video game I don't want to have to worry about my gun or armor deterring on me. The reason this is a problem is because it happens often like after every mission often and it effects the performance of the weapon or armor. To repair your items you have to combined it with a similar or same item. Which can be fine, but some items are rare, so if I have a special weapon and cant find another similar its worthless because you cant repair it. Lastly to repair it full you have to be level 100 on repair, which can take a while to get. So you never really have full performance on your items unless you played long enough to get 100 repair. You can also pay for a shop to fix it but that only fix's about 50%.

My favorite part of the game is the story, with the post apocalyptic setting being in a close second. I really don't want to get into the story and spoil it. But they do have some big name actors doing roles. Liam Neeson plays you father, Malcolm McDowell plays the President John Henry Eden, and Ron Perlman plays the Narrator. As for the setting they do a real good job in throwing you into this wasteland full of monsters irradiated insects and psychopathic raiders looking to decrease the population by one. The towns and various camps where you may see friendlies are nice also. All being different and doing a good job in making you feel like your really living in a wasteland. You start out the game in a vault which was made to protect the lucky few member from the atomic bombs. They do a good job showing you a little bit of paradise were you live compared to whats out in the world. Through out the game you will encounter different vaults as well as other towns and what have ya that all look a fell very nice.

I wrote a lot about what I though was bad about the game. But even with all the problems this game still makes me fell like i am in a different world. It gave me an experience I don't really get from video games, or movie. I love Fallout 3 and cant wait for Fallout New Vegas.

What are your thoughts on Fallout 3?

P.S. I have not played the Fallout PC games (1, 2, & tactics) but would like to.

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  1. Dhalamar's Avatar
    I don't have that many thoughts about the game ... it kinda turned me off when I heard how much time people were putting into it. Though I have played it a little bit ... the character models in that game are ... bad. lol Like, creepy bad. :P

    You can get all of the older Fallout games on for 5.99 apiece though for what it's worth.
  2. GivenTheOkieDoke's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Dhalamar
    I don't have that many thoughts about the game ... it kinda turned me off when I heard how much time people were putting into it. Though I have played it a little bit ... the character models in that game are ... bad. lol Like, creepy bad. :P

    You can get all of the older Fallout games on for 5.99 apiece though for what it's worth.
    Yeah I saw them on steam as well. I will definitely pick them up here one day. Yup the character models sure are bad. But I think its a small sacrifice to pay. Also there are ALOT of people in the game and tons of different voice actors but with how massive the game is you often run across characters that have the same voice actor, which I hate badly in games and Bethesda seems to love reusing them in all there titles.
  3. BydoEmpire73's Avatar
    Fallout 3 is one of the last games I played on the 360, and one of my favorites of this entire generation. I love Bethesda's style. Never finished it, but sure had a blast..
  4. videogamedomain's Avatar
    I put 50+ hours into this and beat it in 2008. It is truly one of my favorite games. I then waited for the game of the year edition to be released and traded in my original copy for it. I now am on the last DL content area (Mothership Zeta) and am nearly done. Then I need to decide if Im gonna keep going around an looking for places I havent been to yet. It would probably be fun but at the same time tedious. At this point I am lvl 30 and have an arsenal of weapons and armor. I can stand in the middle of 10 bad guys getting shot and it barely phases me. In other words I am pretty much invincible so the survival aspect is gone. I also have my companion super mutant who is tough as nails so its even easier....

    I am thinking I may hang up my Tesla Cannon after this last level and put it back on the shelf and give it some time. Then maybe ill give exploring another chance....By then though the sequel may be out so who knows.

    Regardless this is a must play game in my opinion!


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