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GameGavel State-of-the-Website Address - September 2010

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It has been 2 ½ years since I launched (originally During this time the site has grown to just under 5,000 members, has hosted over 300,000 listings and has now sold over $200,000 in merchandise. It is ranked in the top 150,000 websites in the United States and has seen upwards of 50,000 unique visitors and 200,000 page views per month. Considering what I was up against, Ebay, it is pretty incredible that GameGavel has come as far as it has.

As many of you know I am a gamer, first and foremost, and a site/business owner second. started out as a hobby. Something for me to do to aid in my buying and selling of video games right along with the many gamers and game collectors who were also looking for greener pastures to buy and sell. I then wanted to continue creating a community to run along side the marketplace - a community that could get to know one another and also buy and sell from each other in the marketplace. This has proved to be a great concept as the majority of our members have bought and sold from one another the past couple years and continue to communicate not only in the GameGavel forums, but other gaming forums as well. I have added a writing team that has now produced over 30 pages of content including blogs, game reviews and industry news. I want GameGavel to be Ebay, Kotaku and Facebook all wrapped up in one and that will continue to be our goal as we move forward.

I have come to a time where I believe that, although GameGavel has grown successfully on its own merit, it is now time to get serious and turn this into a “real” business venture. I have also seen other niche marketplaces (, for example), many in smaller less significant niches than video games, succeed in securing significant outside funding to help grow their businesses and have now made the decision to actively go out and pursue outside funding for GameGavel. This additional funding will allow me to eventually work full time doing something I love and also to hire other believers to help take from a nice, small alternative to Ebay to a full blown Ebay competitor and what I hope to be the biggest and baddest online marketplace dedicated to this $40 Billion worldwide industry. I believe the gaming industry needs a dedicated marketplace for consumers and small retailers to buy and sell without high usage fees hanging over their heads. And GameGavel will be that marketplace.

The first step in preparing GameGavel to be marketable to investors is to prepare a business plan and build an investor page as well as a media kit so our advertising space can be shopped around on a professional basis. Since GameGavel is planning on continuing to operate with no listing fees and very inexpensive selling/usage fees, advertising will always be a required source of revenue. So, I have contracted with a high profile, industry ad executive that is now on the GameGavel “team” working with me to prepare GameGavel to be more attractive to investors and also to gaming advertisers. This is being executed over the next 30-60 days so you can expect subtle changes to the site as we work through a variety of improvements, some of them behind the scenes and others in plain view. He will also be GameGavel’s Executive Ad Manager if and when we secure funding.

We are still deciding exactly what type of funding to secure, but it appears we will be doing a Regulation D Private Placement. I am unsure at this time if any stock will be available for members, but I would like to make a small % available to anyone who may be interested. When I know more I will make sure all members are aware of the opportunity.

If you are still reading this, than you must have some interest in GameGavel and I hope this news excites you. All of this is being done to give gamers a better, cheaper place to buy and sell, but on scale above and beyond where it can expect to grow on its own without proper funding. A place that will be well known around the country and eventually the world as the #1 place to take games to market, both consumer-to-consumer and also small retailer to consumer.

Thanks again to all of you who have joined over the past couple years, whether you have used the site or not. It is my hope that the changes brought about by proper funding will make GameGavel a place all of you will think of first for buying and selling your video games.

Mike Kennedy
Founder & CEO

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  1. SubaruBrat's Avatar
    Bravo man, own the industry!
  2. Duke.Togo's Avatar
    Sounds like hard work coming to frution. Keep that passion going!

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