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My opinion of the NES on a chip Atari plug and play games.

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I wanna know what people think of the ones that use the NES on a chip with ports of the games on them instead of doing what the Flashback 2 does and literally re-making the entire system.

I just started playing my Atari Flashback again the other day after doing some hefty research on it, because this NES on a chip stuff kind of fascinates me in the sense that, yeah, they're remakes (I wouldn't even consider them ports really, especially Millipede on the Flashback. It may look and play like Millipede, but it's actually pretty different from the original in some ways) and they may sound different. But to me they're damn good remakes that use, for the most part, the NES hardware.

Playing Millipede on the original Flashback, it is a somewhat different game in the level layout and sounds and whatnot to the original. And it definitely ramps up in difficulty WAY too fast. But using the extra horsepower of the NES for these old Atari 2600 games is great mainly because it eliminates the problems found in those old games : the flicker.

I love Millipede ... but that flicker in the original always drove me up the way. And it's just not there on the original Flashback. And it has a somewhat cleaner overall look and feel to it with regards to the way the millipedes and other enemies move. The sound is a bit off though, I'll admit. The explosions don't have that utterly HIDEOUS sound that I love so much from the 2600.

Games that would normally use the paddle controllers like Breakout and Warlords play great with the controller too. At least for me. Having the paddle would of course be a much better option, but hey. And playing Solaris on an NES on a chip style system, hell, that game is damned near a first generation NES game on it's own anyway.

Same thing with Asteroids on the 10 in 1, it may sound a bit off comparatively, but that flicker is GONE. And on the same system, Missile Command is just as much fun in that remake as it was on the 2600.

The only real thing I've got to complain about the Atari Flashback (which ... I've unfortunately never even TOUCHED the Flashback 2. God I want that thing.) is that the thing is ENTIRELY too light, and the controller is just too small. I feel like that thing is going to break in my hands during a hectic game of Millipede or Centipede. And I only have 1 controller ... the other met it's end when either a TV or a CRT monitor fell on it. :\ Dammit. But I will say it is damned responsive.

I'm not saying I would rather play the games on a system like this, those problems with the Atari 2600 versions of them just add to the charm overall (the flicker, the slowown, etc etc) but to me, these aren't half bad. Especially for someone who doesn't have an Atari 2600 anymore, and I've never even TOUCHED an Atari 5200 or 7800.

But leave a comment! I wanna know what you think!

And my birthday is September 2nd for anyone who wants to hook me up with the Flashback 2. hint hint

Oh, and one more thing. Here's a link to the Atari 2600 10 in 1 joystick plug and play game from Wal-Mart. Did anyone else happen to notice the price?

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