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I really felt the need to post this, as I have gone through 6 months of the worst customer care, and service at the hands of

It all started when I purchased a PNY Graphics card from their Ebay store for a litttle less than what I would have paid in a store, or on other site... what seemed like a good deal at first quickly escalated to a nightmare, with the card failing within three months. I tried to get PNY to issue an RMA, but they would not without a manufacturer's receipt.

Not a problem, lifetime warranty they said, so no rush, but I would need that receipt. The catch? The ebay receipt, and my ANTOnline receipt wouldn't cut it. Their proposed solution? Call ANTOnline, and have them forward me the manufacturers receipt so I can prove I paid for the card, and they can start RMA.

So that's what I did. In March, I called ANT, and asked for the receipt. They promised to email it within a day or two.... nothing. Life got hectic, and another month went by, before I passed the broken card on my way out the door, and remembered that they had never taken care of the issue. So I called again. Same song and dance, but this time they promised to send the receipt within 15 minutes.


And it goes like this for the last couple of months. I call them, I get transferred around, someone eventually claims to know what I'm talking about, and then the promises of helping me are never met. It is now September. I tried one last time to call, and talk to them, and tried to contain my obvious frustration.

How did that go? They told me the order was too old to get the receipt for, when I got upset, and demanded to talk to a supervisor, I got hung up on. And then they switched their phones off.

At this point I can safely say without a shadow of a doubt that these people don't give a shit about helping customers. And they certainly are not a wise choice for PC Gamers, they may have amazing prices, but I tell you this. If I had it to do over again. I would have spent the extra 50 bucks with, or, or just put on my big boy pants, and hauled myself over to Fry's, because this has been the single worst customer experience I have ever had buying something. Online or otherwise.

Do yourself a favor stay away from these scam artists, and tell everyone you know to stay the hell away.
ANTOnline is the single worst place I have ever dealt with in my life.

Steve Sawyer
Editor in Chief

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