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Worms Reloaded Review

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I really want to dive into some flowery introduction that's so full of prose and procrastination that it's disgusting. I say this only because I want to try and avoid saying that I have a problem with a Worms game, but ultimately that's the crux of this review. I suppose I tried to stifle those feelings out of self preservation. A need to keep something that once seemed so sacred and untouchable to me, just that... untouchable and sacred. I'm finding little luck in retaining that nostalgic loyalty though...

Worms Reloaded is great. It's a great game, and it's loads of fun. The problem is that Worms Armageddon was just as great, and just as fun, and it came out in 1999. It really feels like I'm playing the same game from all those years ago just with a new coat of paint... which I suppose is great from one perspective, but is incredibly frustrating from another.

It's not like an abundance of things would need to be changed in order to differentiate the game from the previous entries in the series. In fact it would be as simple as adding some more weapons, throwing in some neat debris physics, or giving you more customization options for your worms, or adding completely insane power-ups etc etc... There's so much room for the expansion of ideas here, that it makes me very curious to know why so little with Worms has changed all these years later. But on the other hand I understand it's need to stick to formula so stubbornly.

The few forays into 3D territory didn't end well for Worms, and most other attempts to do something outside of the typical one screen worm on worm combat failed. And again, the formula for the most terrific Worms games is nigh untouchable. Exploding bananas, sheep, and a huge assortment of military grade weapons in the hands of tiny little Worms is adorable, and terrific fun, but I can safely say that I need them to go somewhere other than territory they've trampled over and over again. Or at the very least, bring along some substantially new hardware next time around. Especially when it comes to the multiplayer portion of the game, as it seems relatively unchanged, and just as sparsely populated as Worms Armageddon. The more things change the more they stay the same is the working phrase of the day it seems.

But then even with all that being said, I still loved this game. Buy the game, but don't expect a Worms renaissance by any means, this game sticks to it's old and trusty guns, it's a good thing they still pack a punch.

Worms Reloaded is available on Steam for $19.99 and was developed by Team17

Steve Sawyer
Editor in Chief

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