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Yeah, totally original title isn't it? Well, I didn't feel like writing anything meaningful. Just got back from another Goodwill/pawn shop run.

Those are all PC games, and they are Red Faction, American McGee's Alice, MVP Baseball 2004, Shadow Warrior and the final one ... a budget game from ValuSoft called "Elite Forces : Navy Seals" ... laughably terrible first person shooter that crashed 5 minutes in.

And the Space Invaders TV game is fairly obvious. It has the original Space Invaders, Lunar Rescue, Colony 7, Qix and Pheonix on it. Not sure if it uses the NES on a chip thing, probably does. But still pretty neat regardless.

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  1. GivenTheOkieDoke's Avatar
    Is Red Faction a fun game? I know they made one for the PS3 and XBox that people seem to like.
  2. Dhalamar's Avatar
    I think it's great. Though it's a lot different from the recent PS3/360 games in the fact it's a fairly straightforward first person shooter.

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