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Alexandre Guimond

Earth Defense Force 2017 Review

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Tokyo has never been treated too well in Japanese fiction for the past 60 years. From Godzilla to Frankenstein giant ape monsters, King Geedorah and countless other alien invasions, the Nippon capital has had its fair share of destruction. With all the monster movies Toho Company has made along the years, you would think that the Japanese would start to appreciate their country being brought to sunder. But, when it comes to the land of the rising sun, you must acquire a deeper philosophical approach for their beloved hellions.

After all, the concept behind the king of all monsters, Gojira; was to raise public awareness about the atrocities of nuclear warfare. And since Japan was the first country to ever suffer two atomic strikes, its culture was mutated from there on out. The advent of arcades however created a new revolution in Japanese science fiction. It was now possible to experience firsthand, all of the doomsday scenarios that 70s cinema had brought. Japan made a couple of Godzilla video games, but it never really tackled the human perspective. That is why Earth Defense Force 2017 exists, so we can finally kick some supernatural bosoms.

It’s almost too surprising to believe that a game like Earth Defense Force 2017 would be that good. After all, the game doesn’t compliment the system it is on, both in terms of graphics or even gameplay. The graphics are a tad bit better than what the PS2 is capable of, but its visual style is more reminiscent of some 360 launch titles. The overall execution of EDF2017 is mediocre at best, but its quirkiness is amazing.

There is really no other way to explain what Earth Defense Force 2017 is like, other than announcing to the world, (like a fervent troubadour), that it is by far, one of the most enjoyable game ever made. Its terrible voice acting, clunky yet simple controls make EDF2017 the perfect game for hot-seat play. The plot is ridiculously over-the-top, and above all, incredibly delicious for all monster movie fans. You’ll fight giant ants, spiders, robots, UFOs and much more, and all of that with a various amount of weapons.

The game does look terrible at first, but it is so obviously not when you actually start playing the game. You’ll be plowing through giant insects with the force of a thousand suns, demanding more and more visceral green juice to be spilled at your screen. Add to that the insane destruction, and you have yourself one of the most entertaining third person shooter ever made.

Earth Defense Force 2017 is a true underrated gem on the XBOX360 library. It blows pretty much every game out of the water, not because it has amazing graphics and fluid gameplay, but because it is incredibly entertaining. Like old Japanese monster movies, EDF2017 is able to blend catastrophic situations with humor and action. Earth Defense Force 2017 charm comes from its ridiculous setting and over-the-top action, which all blends together to create a true love song to Japanese monster movies of the 1960s and 70s. The game is far from perfection, but who doesn’t want to blow up giant ants, spiders and robots to kingdom come? No one that’s who!

Earth Defense Force 2017 is published by D3 publisher and is available on XBOX360.

Alexandre Guimond
Assistant Editor

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  1. darksol's Avatar
    I went through this game with a friend, and it was incredible. The size of the enemies is jaw dropping, whose jaw dropped when they saw the Alien mothership dropping bosses that were 50 stories tall ? The controls were my only gripe especially with a weapon like the sniper rifle that you had to zoom and aim .

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