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Another little Goodwill/pawn shop find

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The Star Wars one is obvious and cost me 4 bucks. The Sega Genesis one ... I don't know what games are on that one ... that cost me 2. Haven't shoved any batteries in it yet.

Then there are the PS3 games for the system that is still in layaway. SF4 cost me 10 bucks because it was just the disc. And Killzone 2 cost me 15.

Then there's the REAL black sheep of the bunch. A plug and play game that obviously uses the NES on a chip ... 101 games in one. Check out these epic titles that are seperated into categories.

Aventure :
Commando Rescue (literally a straight rip off of Contra. From the gameplay to the sound)
TKO Boxing
Crazy Maze
Jumping Jay (It's like a really terrible 8 bit Earthworm Jim)
Little Blackmask (Kinda like Blaster Master)
Legend of the Lion (The Lion King basically)
Multiple Man

Fun :
Fish Food
Mouse House
Xmas Gift
Hungry Snake
Temple Builder
Dash Around
Mower Mania
Move Match
Fish Story
Monster Trapper
Breakthrough (A surprisingly good Arkanoid style game with powerups and whatnot)
Coral Reef
Lucky Time
Maze Escape
Groundhog Day
Christmas Eve
Ship Wreck
Jumping Penguins
Flying Feast
Falling Blocks (Tetris)
Saucer Attack
Bkack Jack
Ocean Jem
Dig Mines

Tank Battle
Shooting Balloons
Sea Invaders
Danger Zone
Last Defender
Bird Hunter
Air Attack
Super Tank
Dragon Den
War at Sea
Bug Battles
Robot Warrior
Monster War
Aerial Hero
Dive Bombers
Haunted Castle
APC Gunner
Pest Control
Crazy Crypt
Star Attack

Air Hockey
Back Stroke
Ice Hockey
Dangerous Surf
Skeet Shooting
Goal Keeper
Shot Put
Beach Volleyball

Highway Racing
Street Racers
Red Line Racing
Racing Showdown
Rig Racers

Brainy Bear
Pyramid Shuffle
Warrior Chess
Radish Farmer
Memory Match
Puzzle Cubes
Mask Match
Shooting Stars
Flip Flop
Slide Puzzle
Battle Cruiser
Way Out
Lost in the Dark
Eternal Quest
Matching Cards
Temple Tiles
Dangerous Garden

This is one of those kind of things .... I got it specifically because I'd never seen it before. And I figured it had to be one of those "so many games in one" things. And, while there are a few games on it that are halfway decent, it's all killed by the most unresponsive fucking control pad I've ever laid hands on.

Example : There's a Tiger Heli style shmup in there (can't remember which one) and it's actually a pretty good little game with powerups and whatnot and I even got to an endlevel boss. Which is a lot more than what I was expecting of it. But you can't move diagonally.

The Contra game ... it's just as goddamn hard as Contra, yet you can't move when you want to move.

If only the controller was better.

Anyway, that's what I got. lol

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  1. Dhalamar's Avatar
    Awesome. That blue Sega Genesis plug and play has Sonic 1, Altered Beast (a favorite of mine), Golden Axe, Dr. Robotnick's Mean Bean Machine, Kid Chameleon and Flicky.
  2. GivenTheOkieDoke's Avatar
    Haha if you ever watched the Sci-Fi channel they always have these made for T.V. type movies like "Mega Shark Vs Giant Octopus" (Godzilla Type movie) and "Dinosaur Jungle" (Jurassic Park). These terrible movies with real generic names. Any way what I am trying to get at is the list of games on the plug and play remind me of this. They have terrible knock off names "Falling Blocks" (Tetris), "Legend of the Lion" (Lion King). I don't know maybe I am stupid but I think its funny.

    But hey as long as there fun right, and with that many games your bound to find something you dig.
  3. Dhalamar's Avatar
    There are definitely games on there I dig, but the controller is so unresponsive you can't actually PLAY any of them.

    The only responsive buttons are the triggers at the top. That's it. EVERYTHING else has a real spongy feel to them. Hell, when you hold down the button to accelerate in the racing games, it doesn't even accelerate the entire time like it's supposed to. They cut out.

    uugh I'm glad it was only 3 bucks.

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