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A little voice rant.

Rate this Entry A bit of a warning : Not safe for work.

Talking about the reason I'm listening to the podcast now, and why I almost stopped listening to it all together. Scott's already heard some of this in my drunken delirium while waiting for a game of M.U.L.E. to start up, but there's some extra stuff that I didn't bring up. A little something about almost giving an old woman walking her dog a heart attack at 4 in the morning.

And a little disclaimer for people who haven't heard episode 4's interview with Jeri Ellsworth is in there too with a little addition right here : If you think they're out to get you ... they probably are.

That and I wanted to try editing an MP3 down for the first time. I know I did a shit job, you needn't remind me of that. :P

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  1. GameGavel's Avatar
    Nice. I think your "Boredom Rants" need to be a regular blog here. It's nice to listen to someone elses voice for a change. We need to all get on for some MULE throwdown.
  2. Dhalamar's Avatar
    haha I can't see myself doing it all that often just because, while I *AM* a bit of a narcissist in the fact that I listen to the podcast that I'm ON every week ... I can't just "rant" by myself easily. If I had someone to talk to or with, it would've been a different story. heh
  3. SubaruBrat's Avatar
    You are soooo right, we did reverse positions, totally on purpose. I hope that old lady learned her lesson. Episode 4 was a tragety for us, we had a software error that screwed her audio, and for the record I never Ax murdered anyone, but yes the content is good. But keep looking in that back seat, you never know.
  4. GameGavel's Avatar
    Holy crap! 448 views. I guess people are reading these
  5. Dhalamar's Avatar
    lol I don't even see how many views it's gotten. Of course, I'd be posting the stuff whether anyone read/listened to them or not mainly because I just do them for me.
  6. GameGavel's Avatar
    You can see the views right next to your name and date of the blog post

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