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  1. Thanks BTW I did the same thing a few minutes ago posting my
    first response to my own page
  2. Well since the first time I posted this to myself I will try it again I am going to be going through stuff this weekend for auctions so I will try to get you some pics. I will also look through my FCF album and see if I have anything else...
  3. Cool its always a good day when I can find a new item/paper work
    for the Fairchild. Its getting longer and longer between finds

    Here is my email that you can send the pics to. And thanks again
    its much appreciated of course I will post credit when posting to
    my site
  4. Hey man I do have a few things I don't see over at your FCF site. A few game label variants and some pamphlets. Would you like me to send you a few pics, if so what email address do you want them sent to.
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