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  1. DocUmentary: Visual Brain Food. Episode 9: Beg, Borrow and make Condom Commercials.

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    Pixels and Polygons: An Indie Game Developer Story

    Starving artist Richard Cook takes us on a journey he underwent in 2013 as he showcases a video game he is working on at the penny arcade expo (PAX), one of the largest gaming conventions in the world.
    This documentary manages to provoke nostalgic feelings all gamers love to experience but also it gives us another glimpse into the often loveless battle developers have trying to ...
  2. DocUmentary: Visual Brain Food - Episode 1 - Introdution to the new blog

    DocUmentary: Visual Brain Food.

    :- For years now I have avoided with great success any terrestrial broadcast. Instead of television I sought out documentaries, often in mind of learning something new.
    I used a method when buying VHS/DVD films when I was younger, my method of buying two films I wanted and one film I had no ideas about had seen my collection grow into a varied and eclectic library of great films from around the world.
    Sometimes Id find a bad film/documentary ...

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