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  1. Little Red Ridinghood's Zombie BBQ Review (DS)

    With the countless tens of thousands of video games in existence, even the most diligent gamers may constantly miss some really good games that simply go under the radar.

    By now, the Nintendo DS has one of the most expansive game library in history, making the task of finding diamonds in the rough in its library even more difficult. Let me save you some trouble – Little Red Ridinghood’s Zombie BBQ is just such a diamond in the rough. Produced by a small Spanish developer with ...
  2. F-Zero SNES Retro Review

    F-Zero was many things to Nintendo when it was released. It marked the first high caliber racing game Nintendo developed themselves, starred the mature character in Captain Falcon, a bounty hunter for hire, and showcased the amazing graphical capabilities of Nintendo’s 16-bit platform.

    Although the original F-Zero pales in comparison to today’s racers in terms of complexity and versatility, it carries a certain charm that cannot be denied.

    F-Zero captivated players ...
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  3. Megaman: Dr. Wily's Revenge Review (Gameboy)

    Alrighty, time for another review. Thought I'd talk this time about the first of the Gameboy Megaman games, Dr. Wily's Revenge. Completely the opposite of the NES Megaman 1, I distinctively remember thinking Megaman was cool based on the boxart for this Megaman 1.

    To read the review complete with screenshots, visit my original blog post:

    Let's look back on Megaman for Gameboy: ...
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  4. Top 25 Killer Apps for the NES Powerpak - 25 great non commerical NES games

    The powerpak is a pretty amazing device. Not only can it single handedly backup nearly every NES game you might have, but it also run plenty of games your NES can’t without the benefit of expensive reproductions.

    To that end, I have compiled a list of the top 25 games every Powerpak owner should have. As I wanted to specifically separate this list from a generic NES top 25, this list does not include any commercially available NES games. Instead it includes new homebrew games, unique ...
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