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  1. wongojack's Avatar
    The control on the PC was strange to me. I think you had to hold the mouse button and move the arrows - something like that. It just made me think that they'd put a console game on the PC without thinking it through. As far as good/bad, I think I was just playing the game and making the choice that I would personally make. This usually means 95% good and 5% I'd f_ _ _ that alien.
  2. Nate Nickels's Avatar
    Knights of the Old Republic - Is a great game, I also had it on the Xbox :-0 but mine xbox is back home and playing the PC version really wants me to get my xbox back. I am about 7 hours in, I just got to the under city where you meet up with Mission. Previously i have played it for about 40 hours and still was not done! I am a sucker in these kind of games to get all the items as possible. This time around I am trying to be as bad as a person as I can be, how about yourself?

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