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  1. lestat1uk's Avatar
    Hi, i bought Street Fighter IV and i really am enjoying the game, i have it so anyone onlihe can challenge me during a normal game, i tend to play street fighter with the 3d off, as pulling off some of the moves on street fighter you lose "the sweet spot" and the screen goes a bit blurry at a vital moment. I also bought Ridge Racer, yes it is a recycled games, but it really is superb in 3d, myself and a workmate play against each other during break at work, very enjoyable, no online play which is a bit of a let down. One of the things i liked about it is the sense of depth, also leaves or confetti, or water will hit the windscreen and just looks really good. i also bought Pilot wings. I want to buy more games but there really is not that much about, but may is suppose to be a good month for 3ds with 3dsware going online, and more games. I have to say i am looking forward to playing mario, zelda etc, but also Cave Story 3d wahey!!!!
  2. seanyboyuk's Avatar
    Yes you will enjoy the 3ds but dont get too high expectations.
  3. GameGavel's Avatar
    Interesting take. I will probably pick one up eventually. My billfold is smoking today from the 3DS launch

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