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  1. Team Meat Thinking about a retail Super Meat Boy release for the Wii

    Image courtesy of Team Meat

    It's seems like Team Meat is having some problems meeting Nintendo's regulations on WiiWare releases. The developers can't seem to compress Super Meat Boy enough to meet the 50mb max limit Nintendo has on WiiWare titles, without cutting stuff out, and they are hell bent on not doing that.

    So instead, Team Meat wants to know what you would think on a retail release. Team Meat asked "if we ...
  2. Amazon has got your Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock on discount.

    Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock released last month, and is looks to be one of the best Guitar Hero's yet. Sad to say, as with all Music games, getting a bundle (or even just the game itself) is an expensive endeavor.

    Well, for not, it can be a little easier. Amazon is taking off a few bucks on some all versions of Guitar Hero: Warriors Of Rock. 30% off of both the Standard and Guitar bundles, and 5% off the Super Bundle. ...

    Updated 24-10-10 at 11:36 by Mclean Oshiokpekhai

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  3. PreOrder the Machinarium Soundtrack LP Now!

    Ok, I'll be honest, I only played the demo for Machinarium, but I did like it, especially what I heard of the soundtrack. Now for all those with a record player out there, you can grab the soundtrack on an LP.

    Minority Records is allowing Machinarium fans to rock it old school this holiday, as they are now taking preorders that will be fulfilled on December 8th. No question about the soundtrack being amazing, and this being ...
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  4. The Voice Of Duke Nukem to be in Conduit 2

    Who is Jon St. John? Well, to some, he's know as Big The Cat, but to those who are awesome, he's mothereffin' Duke Nukem. And now, to those who pick the Conduit 2 in February of 2011, he'll be known as Agent Micheal Ford.

    Sega confirmed that one of my favorite voice actors of all time who's name I could not for the life of me remember is voicing the protagonists of the exclusive Wii shooter. No word on whether Agent Ford will be spouting off ludicrous one liners as ...
  5. Nintendo announces Red Wii/DSi XL Bundles!

    Image Courtesy of SaveOnGames

    Dreams do come true.

    It looks as if we'll be getting the sexy looking Red Wii and Red DSi, courtesy of Nintendo for Mario's 25th Anniversary. The Red Wii Bundle comes with a Red Wii, a red WiiMote Plus, and a copy of New Super Mario Brothers to go with your original copy of Wii Sports, and will retail for $199.99. The Red DSi XL will come with ...
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