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Mclean Oshiokpekhai

  1. The GameGavel ThanksGiveAway! Sponsored by GamersGate (UPDATE!)

    So, you know about the ThanksGiveAway right? Well, unfortunately, not everyone does! -tears-

    So, we're extending the contest a bit! We'll be giving out Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit on Friday, and Medal Of Honor on Monday, November 29th. Contests rules still apply and are they same, but we've added a new rule, so here's a run down of everything, just in case you forgot;

    - You must be following @GameGavel and ...
  2. The GameGavel ThanksGiveAway! Sponsored by GamersGate

    My Photoshop Skills at work!

    You know, Thanksgiving is next week, and then starts the Holiday Shopping Season. We know you might be going out and buying things for friends and family, but with all the great deals and what not, it's kinda tempting to buy something for yourself...and then you realize you're on a budget and can't get that sweet game that's eying you because you gotta buy a stainless steel toaster for your boss. ...
  3. Strategy Week over at GamersGate

    Feels good to be a PC Gamer. Good and Cheap.

    Not only is Steam having sales, but our own sponsors, GamersGate, are making some deals as well. The deals are mostly based on strategy based games, so those who like RTSs and RPGs will be really happy.

    You can pick up games like Men Of War for 75% off, making it effectively $3.73. You can also pick up Heroes Of Might and Magic V, both the Gold and Silver versions, for ...
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  4. Valve goes Crazy, so Many Deals

    Courtesy Of Shirtoid

    Good God Valve, can you give a guy a break?

    Valve must be looking for some way to make quick money fast, because a lot of stuff is discounted this weekend. I don't know why, and I don't know how, but if you need some new games, this weekend might be your best bet.

    First off, we've got the Frontiers Pack Free Weekend. You can play bother Lead ...
  5. Hulu Plus soon to be available for all US PSN Users

    Courtesy of Playstation Blog

    Hulu Plus allows for a more robust streaming experience than your standard Hulu fare; HD streaming, current TV shows and seasons, more seasons of your favorite shows, and streaming to multiple devices, including your iDevices, and now, your PS3.

    SCEA is now saying that Hulu Plus, previously available for Playstation Plus only, will soon be available for the rest of us in the US. For 10 ...

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