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  1. Second Silent Hill film to be in 3D

    Ahhh, Silent Hill. You used to scare the crap out of me. Now only Silent Hill 2 only scares the crap out of me, while the others just either manage to make me laugh or frustrate me to no end. Both could be said for the Silent Hill movie as well, with an added bonus of making me utter "amazing" when I saw Pyramid Head for the first time.

    So, those who are looking forward to the second Silent Hill film will be glad (or not) ...
  2. Plants vs Zombies coming to the DS

    You all know about Plants vs Zombies. I don't need to tell you how hilariously addicting it is; if you haven't experienced for yourself, you should probably go plop down the 10 bucks it cost on Steam, right now. Then you'll go buy it on Xbox Live. Then you'll go buy it for your iDevices, all of them.

    And in 2011, you will go buy it for your Nintendo DS.

    Plants vs Zombies is coming to the Nintendo DS, and with some new features as well, such as new ...
  3. Time Travelers is....

    Sometimes, I wish they offered Japanese as a second language at my highschool.

    All I can tell you from this offscreen trailer is that there's a school girl, a creepy dude, a countdown, and then that school girl falls off a building. Now, Level 5 could be pulling an Inception, in which the school girl really isn't falling off the building, but is actually asleep, dreaming about time travel in a train which is crashing, and her moving body would be effecting gravity ...
  4. Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney is Happening.


    Now, I played the first Ace Attorney a while ago, and had immense fun with that. It let me get yell at my DS, and that was enough for me. I haven't played a Professor Layton game, but I hear they are good fun, and I could always use more puzzle games, especially when I'm done with Super Scribblenauts.

    Level 5 had the of so awesome idea of mixing the two together today.

    Professor ...

    Updated 20-10-10 at 03:23 by Mclean Oshiokpekhai (Added a Video link! And A Better Trailer Overall.)

  5. Hudson to bring Tetris, Bonk, and Omega Five to the 3DS

    You know Hudson Software right? Not only are the bringing Bomberman and Deca Sports (the money maker) to the 3DS, but they're also bring some other stuff.

    Omega Five is currently scheduled for a Spring release, with the new Bonk and Tetris titles only have the launch window on 2011. These are tentative titles, and to add to the mystery, Hudson doesn't even know what genre these games will be. Except for Tetris. I mean, c'mon, ...
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