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Mclean Oshiokpekhai

  1. Hulu Plus soon to be available for all US PSN Users

    Courtesy of Playstation Blog

    Hulu Plus allows for a more robust streaming experience than your standard Hulu fare; HD streaming, current TV shows and seasons, more seasons of your favorite shows, and streaming to multiple devices, including your iDevices, and now, your PS3.

    SCEA is now saying that Hulu Plus, previously available for Playstation Plus only, will soon be available for the rest of us in the US. For 10 ...

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  2. No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise Coming to the US as a Playstation 3 Exclusive

    No More Heroes; I can't I've played it myself, but of all the footage I've seen, and of the various testimony I've read, I can assume it's something people want to play. Now, the PS3 users of North America can, and with their new Move controllers.

    No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise is coming to the US, exclusively for the PS3. The ex-Japanense exclusive HD remake of the cult hit Wii game will feature high resolution graphics, ...
  3. PlayStation Home Updates with new clothing items, teleportation , and Lake House.

    That's right, a lake house.

    PlayStation Home is receiving a new update, with clothing items ranging in the Dead Rising 2 zone. You can dawn your avatar in ServBot hat, Moose Hat, and various weapons from the game. While I Sony promises Paddlesaw's, no word on whether or not we'll be able to use the dual saw motorcycle thing Chuck uses. It would be awesome though, Sony (Hint Hint).

    You can also give your virtual self the house he/she has always wanted: ...
  4. PS3 Firmware Update 3.5 Is now up for Downloading.

    It's time to update some firmware. This time on your PS3!

    Update 3.50, which is live right now, introduce some new features, the biggest is turning your PS3 into a 3D Movie machine. With the new update, you can now watch 3D Blu-Ray movies on your PS3. You still need the 3DTV to enjoy both Stereoscopic 3D Games and Movies your PS3 can now play, but hey, at least Sony's got you covered on one side.

    Something else ...

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