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  1. Hulu Plus soon to be available for all US PSN Users

    Courtesy of Playstation Blog

    Hulu Plus allows for a more robust streaming experience than your standard Hulu fare; HD streaming, current TV shows and seasons, more seasons of your favorite shows, and streaming to multiple devices, including your iDevices, and now, your PS3.

    SCEA is now saying that Hulu Plus, previously available for Playstation Plus only, will soon be available for the rest of us in the US. For 10 ...

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  2. PS3 to get exclusive free DLC for Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood

    Image courtesy of Ubisoft

    I'll admit, I haven't been keeping up much with the Assassin's Creed franchise. I totally missed out on the showing of Brotherhood at E3, and the announcement and commencement of the beta totally flew over my head. I don't even know what Brotherhood is all about, but slap "free" on something and it get's me interested.

    Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood will be receiving free and exclusive to ...
  3. MAG: Escalation DLC Coming November 2

    MAG, the 256 multiplayer online shooter for the PS3 will be getting some brand new DLC in th beginning of November.

    Escalation will feature a brand new mode previously exclusive to MAG Beta testers. The mode will feature all three factions battling for control of 4 key points, the last point being available once one PMC has taken control of 2 or 3 of the other points. 96 players (32 for each PMC) are confirmed for this mode. ...
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  4. No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise Coming to the US as a Playstation 3 Exclusive

    No More Heroes; I can't I've played it myself, but of all the footage I've seen, and of the various testimony I've read, I can assume it's something people want to play. Now, the PS3 users of North America can, and with their new Move controllers.

    No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise is coming to the US, exclusively for the PS3. The ex-Japanense exclusive HD remake of the cult hit Wii game will feature high resolution graphics, ...
  5. Amazon has got your Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock on discount.

    Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock released last month, and is looks to be one of the best Guitar Hero's yet. Sad to say, as with all Music games, getting a bundle (or even just the game itself) is an expensive endeavor.

    Well, for not, it can be a little easier. Amazon is taking off a few bucks on some all versions of Guitar Hero: Warriors Of Rock. 30% off of both the Standard and Guitar bundles, and 5% off the Super Bundle. ...

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