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Eric Campbell

  1. Indie Review: Bullet Candy Perfect is a Rave for your eyes.

    Entering the world of Indie Games is like breathing mountain air after living in a smoggy city all your life. I say this because I didn't want to burden you with the "breath of fresh air" cliche. Oh well. This game has you zipping around, blasting everything in a multicolored light show to the musical beat of something you would hear in a night club in West Hollywood. Not that I would know...

    In short, Bullet Candy Perfect is perfectly named.


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  2. Review: King's Bounty: Crossworlds shall rocketh thee.

    I came to Kings Bounty: Crossworlds as a noob, oblivious to its predecessors’ success in the world of Tactical-RPG. And within minutes of the game’s start up, I began to understand why the majority of folks that I have spoken to about this title smiled when I brought it up: This is a good game.

    There’s a growing trend among lesser-known titles and indie games these days that can be described ...

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  3. Review: Ship Simulator Extremes is Extremely "Blah".

    Simulator games are a double-edged sword. On one hand you have the hat-tipping, nail-biting realism that is a credit to their genre. An example? The Silent Hunter series. No other submarine simulator will make you clinch your cheeks as tightly as a game that shows you what it’s like to be chased down by a pissed off Yūgumo-class destroyer that’s dropping a few tons of depth charges on your head ...

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  4. Plain Sight review: Beatnik Games slices, dices and then...explodes.

    It’s not just a clever gimmick. Robot ninja have been the stuff of epicness since games like Ninja Warriors was released on Super Nintendo in ages past. In this modern day, we have Plain Sight – a fast-paced player vs. player romp complete with kamikaze robotic assassins in a free-falling 360 environment. I came into this game knowing nothing about it, but when I learned that robotic ...

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