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Eric Campbell

  1. Indie Review: Bullet Candy Perfect is a Rave for your eyes.

    Entering the world of Indie Games is like breathing mountain air after living in a smoggy city all your life. I say this because I didn't want to burden you with the "breath of fresh air" cliche. Oh well. This game has you zipping around, blasting everything in a multicolored light show to the musical beat of something you would hear in a night club in West Hollywood. Not that I would know...

    In short, Bullet Candy Perfect is perfectly named.


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  2. Eric's Top 10 All Time Favorite RPGs.

    So here's a little fluff piece for you: my personal top 10 favorite RPGs countdown. It's easy to notice a casual gamer and a true geek gamer. At one point, a gamer was a gamer was a gamer. If you gamed, you were a fricken nerd, plain and simple. You were probably in that crowd that used a little more of your brain than most people, didn't get many dates and instead of religiously watching the football season, you were poring over tomes of Nintendo Power to find out when they were going to finally ...

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