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  1. Me and Rpgs - thoughts.

    The very first game I ever played on Nintendo was Dragon Warrior, followed by the first Final Fantasy. They were epic, massive immersion games that drew you in and really gave you a reason to keep playing. The random battles, and random item drops gave an element of realistic chaos to the game that inspired a sort of tension. Will that rare gold king slime come back this way, I could surely use some more of that XP. It was silly little ideas like that which kept me glued to game after game ...
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  2. Retro Reviews- Chrono Trigger

    There are few titles in the history of games that stand out as paragons of what a good game should be. Chrono Trigger is one of a select catalog of games that I recommend every player of video games pick up at some point. It is, essentially perfect from start to finish. Everything about it, from musical score to game play, to storyline construction is crafted with utmost care and concern to ...

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