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  1. Retro Reviews- Brainlord

    This was not the game for everybody. Most died in the wool RPG gamers either loved or hated this title with a vengeance. It required a hell of a lot of brains, first off, because the puzzles were challenging as all hell. The combat started relatively simple, but got incrementally challenging as you went on. It also featured some of the most deceptively challenging jumping puzzles I ever saw. More than once, ...
  2. Retro Reviews- Chrono Trigger

    There are few titles in the history of games that stand out as paragons of what a good game should be. Chrono Trigger is one of a select catalog of games that I recommend every player of video games pick up at some point. It is, essentially perfect from start to finish. Everything about it, from musical score to game play, to storyline construction is crafted with utmost care and concern to ...

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  3. DLC Reviews- The Secret Armory Of General Knoxx

    SWEET JESUS TITTY CINNAMON! I could not have expected the level of content that Gearbox delivered with this absolutely massive expansion. New guns, new enemies, four massive maps, a secret boss that is near invulnerable alone, and loads and loads of vehicular manslaughter. It makes me feel proud to be a fan of this companies work, after seeing the detail and attention they paid to this relatively cheap ...

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  4. Borderlands- The DLC Reviews- Mad Moxxi's Underdome

    Its no surprise that I love this game. It blends elements of a whole group of game features that I like. Its got rpg stats, leveling, random weapon and items drops, and a bucketload of saucy humor. From The word go, it gives you an abundance of choice to work with and a free roaming world to explore. I give the guys over at Gearbox a hell of a lot of credit as a title of this size and scale, requires ...

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  5. Disciples 3: Renaissance Review

    Not being someone who has played the last two Disciples titles, I didn't exactly know
    what I was in for. From the outset of the main storyline,you play as a leader class
    knight. You proceed to travel about the lands of the kingdom, fighting pre-staged
    encounters, and random battles. You have a set hex movement rate, and an income to
    keep track of ...

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