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Trevor Wagner

  1. Poker Night at the Inventory Review (PC/Mac)

    What do the Max (of Sam & Max), Strongbad (of Homestar Runner fame), Heavy Weapons guy (from the RED team of TF2), and Tycho (one of the main characters from Penny Arcade) have in common? They all love high stakes poker, apparently. Poker Night at the Inventory is Telltale Games' latest release, pitting you and the four aforementioned characters against each other in a five-man game of Texas Hold 'Em. When the game ...

    Updated 29-11-10 at 02:08 by Trevor Wagner

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  2. Not Quite So Retro (NQSR) Review - Fallout 3

    Images copyrighted by Bethesda; taken from the official Fallout 3 site

    With the recent release of Fallout: New Vegas, I decided that I'd go back in time a few years and revisit Fallout 3 for review. A little bit of a history lesson - Bethesda released Fallout 3 in 2008, a sequel to the critically acclaimed Fallout 2, which was released by Black Isle Studios in 1999. Fans had gotten other games ...
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