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  1. Trevor Wagner's Avatar
    Seriously, I can't get over the fact that I bought a game for less than a sandwich. And it was a GOOD game.
  2. Mclean Oshiokpekhai's Avatar
    I whole heartedly recommend this game. I would nominate it for GOTY if I could.
  3. SteveSawyer's Avatar
    Team Fortress 2 is like that chick you've been dating for 8 years, that brings you lunch to work. Sure she may flip out on you every once in a while, and sure she may be older than some of the other, more flashy girls on the block, and sure, every now an again she makes you question why you're even with her.

    But at the end of the day, she brings you lasagna to work, and not every chick brings a dude lasagna. Did that make any sense at all?
  4. Mclean Oshiokpekhai's Avatar
    TF2 is the only shooter I've logged close to 400 hours in.

    If you haven't played this game, you need too. It's the best 20 bucks you'll ever spend on a PC game, guaranteed.
  5. SteveSawyer's Avatar
    Poor Spiderman,

    He keeps getting the short end of the deal in every form possible. The comics have been lame for a few years, the movies started on a high note, and then ended with the disaster that was Spiderman 3, and they're already getting rebooted which is a terrible sign, and then the last few spidey games have really missed the mark. Will someone please do spidey some justice?

    Honestly the best super hero game I played in recent memory was Prototype, and that wasn't a hero game at all. He ate people.
  6. SteveSawyer's Avatar
    Excellent coverage my man and amazing article! You really know your Duke!
  7. Mclean Oshiokpekhai's Avatar
    It's finally happening.

    I still can't believe it. But it's finally happening.

    I'm slowly getting back to being excited for this. I remember playing Duke Nukem with my brother back when I was a little kid. Good times.
  8. Anthony Wastella's Avatar
    Sounds like it'll be some fun, now I just want to see some gameplay or at least a trailer for myself to better judge it.

    I missed Duke back in the Day so i don't have a lot of nostalgia for it, but if it evokes the 90s era mentality i'll be interested.
  9. SteveSawyer's Avatar
    I think narrative, and perspective are innately intertwined. If you look at the example of Half Life especially. It's a game that never takes you out of that first person perspective for an instant. Everything that you see is within the confines of Gordon Freeman's Hazard Suit, and the game is arguably perfect for that one simple choice of making you a mute that is literally forced to embody that character. Any revelation made within the context of the game, or any type of "cutscene" takes place without ever displacing you from that perspective, and what's incredible is that it achieves the same level of emotional attachment, and impact as something like Metal Gear Solid, which is almost %100 cutscenes, but Metal Gear wouldn't work in any other context. Just food for thought.

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