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  1. Duke Nukem Forever History Lesson & [PAX] Impressions

    Thirteen years. Think about that for a minute. Thirteen years. That's more than a decade. Most people on Xbox Live weren't even alive thirteen years ago. We had the N64, the Net Link for the Sega Saturn, and, don't ask why I remember this, those damn Tamagotchis. We also had, probably just as vital as everything else I mentioned (except Tamagotchis. Tamagotchis can go straight to hell), Duke ...

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  2. GameGavel Discusses: Long-term Game Support and DLC

    This week on GameGavel Discusses, Kevin Hummons and Anthony Wastella, both of them being writers for GameGavel, are our guests.

    They join me to talk about long term support for gaming, DLC in general, and what the current situation is.

    Trevor Wagner: Alright, welcome to GameGavel discusses. This week, I've got Anthony Wastella and Kevin Hummons with me.

    Anthony ...

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  3. GameGavel Discusses: Roger Ebert's "Apology"

    This week, GameGavel Discusses talks about Roger Ebert's "apology" for his earlier comments about video games not being art.

    This week, Anthony Wastella, fellow GameGavel writer joins me to discuss this apology, and the comments that preceded it.

    Trevor Wagner -
    So, pretty much everybody's read Roger Ebert's, now infamous, comments about video games, which in short said that ...

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  4. Sometimes, less is more (but not always)

    Ever since games progressed past the level of Pong, almost every game has some sort of a storyline. At the time of the NES, some stories were only briefly mentioned on the box or in the manual, requiring the player to use their imagination to piece together the story. Around the time of the SNES, stories were told through dialog, scripted scenes, etc. Since then, that's roughly been the way things have worked. Nowadays, cinematic cutscenes are added to the way that players experience the stories ...

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