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  1. Halo Reach Review

    Halo Reach, Bungieís 4th Halo game. Man, Time Flies huh? Iíve watched you from afar for a long while Halo. You never sold me on a system. I remember when you came onto the scene, me and my Gamecube stayed ignorant. When I played Halo 2 for the first time I was just sorta meh about it. Played 4 Player Co-Op through Halo 3ís entire campaign in 1 night. Dabbled in the multiplayer when at parties. ...

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  2. Irrational Games' Big Reveal is Bioshock Infinite. the sky?

    So In a big reveal this morning, Ken Levine and his team at Irrational Games (the minds behind the 1st Bioshock) pulled the wrappings off of their next title, Bioshock Infinite. Well what are you waiting for go check out the trailer!

    It's nothing like the other bioshocks in the look department that's for sure. Forgoing Rapture, We're ...

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  3. The Next Carmine's Fate is in the Hands of Fans with Gears of War 3 and Charity

    If you've played A Gears of War game then you know how Carmines usually end up...Dead. This time around though fans get a say in The newest Carmine's Fate. To participate, you'll have 2 options. One is on Xbox Live's Avatar Clothing Section where you can choose between either a "Save Carmine" or A "Carmine Must Die" Shirt whose sale will go to a the Always in style and every gamers charity, Child's Play. The Second ...

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