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  1. Xbox Live Prices To Go Up Soon (UPDATE)

    Because they have us by the balls and there's no choice in the matter, Microsoft is jacking up the price of Xbox Live in the United States, Canada, Mexico and the UK on November 1, 2010.

    Here's the price breakdown in handy chart layout


    12 Month: $59.99 (From $49.99)
    3 Month: $24:99 (From $19.99)
    1 Month: $9.99 (From $7.99)

    Updated 30-08-10 at 09:23 by Anthony Wastella

  2. Borderlands's Brings you back to Pandora with ClapTrap's Robot Revolution

    I'm loving Borderlands after jumping on the tail-end of the bandwagon from the epic Steam Summer Sale, and now I got more DLC to look forward to playing? It appears so and this time it's all about the ClapTraps baby. Players will get the chance to hunt down the Rebellious Robot called the Ninja Assassin. You're going to be smack dab in the middle of a War between a ClapTrap army and the Hyperion ...

    Updated 13-08-10 at 06:31 by SteveSawyer

  3. Pokemon Black/White Details keep splurging out

    Now that that Starcraft 2 game is out of the way, let's look forward to something better. Pokemon Black and White. I've been want to write up about all the details that have come out in the past few days but was waiting to be sure they were all confirmed and the fact almost every day there's new stuff coming out but I figure now it about as good a time as any for it, so let's dive in with the probably long overdue info dump.

    First ...

    Updated 13-08-10 at 06:30 by SteveSawyer

  4. 3v3 Combat and more Confirmed for Pokémon Black and White

    Well Nintendo, not fit with winning a lot of old school fans back with the
    releases of Heart Gold and Soul Silver, seems keen on actually
    reinventing how we Play Pokémon again. Revealed Sunday on Oha Suta, a
    Japanese TV show (and not Pokémon Sunday for some reason), we got a huge
    dump of new updates on the latest installment of the Fad that outlived Fads,

    Updated 13-08-10 at 06:32 by SteveSawyer

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