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  1. Dhalamar's Avatar
    Jaffe's a douche bag anyway. You can gather that right away from "Jaffe-toid" ... he's got his head too far up his ass because of the God of War games.

    He likes to make and play a certain style of game, that's fine. They don't have very good stories or plots because he isn't really capable of doing that, that's fine. God of War, Twisted Metal, great mindless fun.

    But he seems to think his opinion MATTERS because he made those games. And it doesn't. People make those "artsy fartsy" games the same reason he makes his : because they want to and that's what they enjoy.

    Me personally, I couldn't care less about these art games ... Passage? Didn't blink an eye (though the art style is cool). While I can definitely appreciate what the little game is trying to do, it doesn't mean I have to give a shit about it.

    But you also don't see me whining and complaining about them ... even if I WAS a game designer or creator ... they're doing what they want to do. Awesome.

    Like I said, David Jaffe is a fucking douche bag.
  2. Anthony Wastella's Avatar
    If that was the only thing i saw of Kinect. I would say eyetoy games looked more fun. Eyetoy games are not fun fyi.
  3. SteveSawyer's Avatar
    That was almost as embarrassing as watching the Gamer Girls, or the Frag Dolls (what's the difference?) jump around at E3 to the Kinect.

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