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Alexandre Guimond

  1. Valkyria Chronicles Review

    Once in a while, a game comes around and exceeds pretty much every expectation we had prior to its release. Whether it is its innovative nature, or a revisited winning formula, some games are able to blow our minds on pretty much every aspect. The superior nature of a game like that can be attributed to its fantastic graphics, fluid gameplay or plain uniqueness. It’s even harder to achieve such ...

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  2. Borderlands Review

    Has there been a genre more exploited than our eclectic war fests? It is becoming more and more evident that gamers have high attachment to first person shooters. They are willing to keep on buying these products regardless of their monotony or unoriginality, as long as it’s possible to shoot people in the face. Ever since we were able to chainsaw demons apart, or stick a grenade on somebody’s ...

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  3. DeathSmiles (Limited Edition) review

    Every time a Japanese shoot’em up gets announced for North America, there is always an irreducible crowd of enthusiasts asking when and where it will come. The amount of people actually following the news on this matter might be kind of small, but the dedication from fans of the genre is exemplary. So, when renowned companies like Cave drop new titles, they get all excited and eager to play the games; ...

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  4. Sin & Punishment: Star Successor review.

    Treasure has always had a reputation for high-quality games. The company fan-base is devoted, and highly protective of the titles it has released in the past 15 years. Few video game developers are able to carry on a legacy that maintains a certain level of respect and acclaim from the critics. Every company has their prime, yet it seems like it’s really hard for some to keep them. Treasure, however, ...

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  5. Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker review.

    Two years ago, Hideo Kojima told us that Metal Gear Solid IV would be the last Metal Gear, in a very long time. And for good reasons as well; it was time for him to retire Solid Snake, and conclude the series epic story. But, like any dedicated video game creators, Kojima sensed the pressure coming from Konami to keep the franchise going, while still giving the fan-base what they wanted, more Metal Gears. ...

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