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  1. garetjax's Avatar
    Great review of a great game! This review brought back a lot of great memories, thanks!!
  2. darksol's Avatar
    I went through this game with a friend, and it was incredible. The size of the enemies is jaw dropping, whose jaw dropped when they saw the Alien mothership dropping bosses that were 50 stories tall ? The controls were my only gripe especially with a weapon like the sniper rifle that you had to zoom and aim .
  3. SteveSawyer's Avatar
    Please don't spam competing sites on my writer's reviews.

    K thx bye.
  4. Flare's Avatar
  5. SteveSawyer's Avatar
    I don't think pointing out the potential risk in using a used controller, especially when you consider that it's a review for a console that's getting close to being 20 years old, is by any means needless commentary. If anything that's a pretty essential part to retro reviews. Now if you can tell me where to get a brand spanking new original factory sealed Nintendo 64 controller by all means, find that person, and get them listed on

    As for the language, I guess editing out the language would be my decision, but I don't mind that my writers curse. At all. Mostly in part because we conduct ourselves with so much more integrity than the average gaming blog, that I don't think it should factor in. Besides, if you played APB on purpose, and then read my review, you would be disappointed if I DIDN'T say "fuckdamnsonofabitchbastardshit APB is a total failure"

    That right there. Is true journalism.
  6. thedarkwizard's Avatar
    "The pointer is hard to control if you have a broken or used controller."

    I like the rest of the review very much, but this part is not the games fault, I would imagine any games pointer is hard to control with a broken controller.

    Also, I am all for the shoot the shit atmosphere like buddies talking at the coffee shop, but the profanity in the summary only hurts our chances to be taken as a serious part of the gaming demographic, which we need if we ever expect any good games to be made again. (Present company *Starcraft 64* excepted of course). I am by no means myself offended by foul language, trust me, I just don't think it has a place in a serious game review.

    Again other than those small things I pointed out, Great Review.

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  7. GivenTheOkieDoke's Avatar
    Blah Blah Blah, this sounds nice but I agree with you I need to see a games list first. I grabbed that 1942 Joint Strike for the PSN and enjoyed it so if they bring some of the solid Shoot Em Up's to us i'll be happy.
  8. GameGavel's Avatar
    Wow! That game looks great. Wish I had a 360
  9. Alexandre Guimond's Avatar
    I'm glad you enjoyed it!

    Picross 3D was actually my first game in the series. I have to get all the other ones now. My fever can only be quenched by more Picross games!
  10. miner2049er's Avatar
    Thanks for this review.

    I am on the last level of Picross 2 on Gameboy having just finished Picross 1 on Gameboy, both for the second time.
    I also have the SNES game but I want to play this DS version first.

    I just love the Picross gameplay and I'm really looking forward to it.
  11. GameGavel's Avatar
    Great piece. I am with you all the way. Hopefully there will always be controllers of some sort, but with this big push to controllerless gaming you never know. I still believe that some games have to have controllers as some player moves are just to crazy to pull off without one. But either way, with game developers spending so much time and resources on these new control styles, less and less time is being spent on controller gaming . . . and I think that is a bad thing.

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