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  1. Trevor Wagner's Avatar
    Three cheers for the writing staff!

    But in all seriousness, I'm pretty excited to see the new changes to the site, and I'm even more excited to be able to get back to work at full speed.

    GameGavel 2011, aww yeah.
  2. Nate Nickels's Avatar
    I would like to second this posting. The industry has a market for every kind of gamer not just the hardcore. If you have any game, gadget or gear that relates to gaming or technology then please let us know.
  3. Mclean Oshiokpekhai's Avatar
    Did they light a mattress on fire?

    If so, totally metal.
  4. miner2049er's Avatar
    You're right. No free games. D'oh!
  5. SteveSawyer's Avatar
    I got depressed because this baby never hit 25 comments lol. But I'll tell you guys what, I'll give you another chance this coming Friday to win some awesome junk. Because I'm cool like that.

    Also, I'm starting my Fallout New Vegas Hardcore Review. So far, STALKER is still much harder.
  6. Trevor Wagner's Avatar
    Glad to hear it got worked out, at least for the most part. I still use mine daily, and I love it.
  7. SteveSawyer's Avatar
    I feel that same way about every single japanese game ever made. I refuse to capitalize that on the grounds that japan sucks.
  8. Dhalamar's Avatar
    Nah, the entire franchise is a miss. I've seen SyFy channel specials with better stories and characters.
  9. SteveSawyer's Avatar
    I could always do a part 2.

    And I hate Halo, but I feel like the games are hit and miss, where the franchise itself is incredible. I say this with a healthy dose of humility but, the Halo universe is really well written, and maintained. Just watch Halo Legends to remove any lingering doubt. And let me reiterate. Play ARMA 2. Seriously. It's the hardest shooter I have ever played in my life, bar none.

    I'm already working on part 2... lol. Any suggestions? Post them here!
  10. Dhalamar's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by GameGavel
    HALO 2 was really well done in my mind. It was my first "real" hardcore online multiplayer experience and it was GREAT! But haven't played HALO since so can't really say what the franchise is like now.
    Halo honestly hasn't changed all that much in it's overall gameplay. It's still got the boring, sloppy, slow paced feel it's always had.

    You want a "real" hardcore shooter? Play anything in the Unreal Tournament series, then you'll realize just how slow paced and Saturday Morning Cartoonish Halo is. :P You can snag them for the PC through Steam cheap, or (if you're suicidal going in with a controller since there's keyboard/mouse support) it's, like, $8.99 at Gamestop for the PS3 version. heh

    Oh, and the Skulltag engine for Doom/Heretic/Hexen is pretty friggin' awesome too. It basically does (for online multiplayer anyway) what Planet M.U.L.E. does for the original game.
  11. darksol's Avatar
    A little embellished and hyperbole, but it does make some good points.
  12. GameGavel's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Dhalamar
    You forgot Halo.
    HALO 2 was really well done in my mind. It was my first "real" hardcore online multiplayer experience and it was GREAT! But haven't played HALO since so can't really say what the franchise is like now.
  13. Dhalamar's Avatar
    You forgot Halo.
  14. GameGavel's Avatar
    Nice Tags
  15. SteveSawyer's Avatar
    @sgtwaffles for being so obvious you win nothing, and now owe my entire writing staff a case of beer.
  16. SteveSawyer's Avatar
    @Leathco, cleaned up your double post, and yes you can... iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiif 13 more people comment!
  17. sgtwaffles's Avatar
    Do hope I can get a copy of a game
  18. JoshWright's Avatar
    I had that same disappearing scorpions glitch. However, for immersions sake, I like to think of them being sucked down to hell by satan to fuel his Satan Inc. snowcone machine of great suffering. It comes with the great personal harm and emotional pain ice cream churn as well.
  19. Leathco's Avatar
    im lazy and stupid, can i still win?

    lol, i have fallout 3 on ps3 and wanna try new vegas but havent had the cash to pick it up yet.
  20. Skeena's Avatar
    I did not encounter any gamebreaking bugs either, Just a few scorpions randomly stuck in the ground.

    I think this game has more replay value then fallout 3 because it really opens up near the end(with choices)
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