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  1. Alpha Protocol Review

    This past year has been a frustrating exercise in expectation control. I have had to constantly lower my expectations, or posthumously accept the sinking realization that almost none of them are going to be met. With the exception of a few isolated experiences there hasn't been a game this year that has blown me away, and made me remember why I spend so much time in virtual worlds to begin ...

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  2. Steve falls in love with Sonic again.

    The simplest things in life often bring the most pleasure.

    Thank God that someone at Sega finally realized the magnitude of that statement as it pertains to Sonic The Hedgehog. For years, Sega has tried, (woefully at that) to take Sonic into the world of 3D much like Nintendo, with their own flagship mascots. But where Mario, and Zelda have thrived in the world of 3D. Sonic hasn't fared so well. ...

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