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  1. Razor2: Hidden Skies Review

    Japan sucks. Well for the most part anyhow. I don't say this from experience mind you, I only say this because their culture baffles the hell out of me. Their movies are odd to me, I seriously still don't get anime or manga, and don't even get me started on the subjects of hentai, visual kei, Evangelion, and Shenmue. Weird. But with all of that being said, if all of those things simply ...

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  2. Biozone Review

    There was something that seemed charming about Biozone when I first looked at the few screenshots that were available for it. It was like something out of my past was reaching out to me, beckoning me to hold it's hand if only for a brief moment, to be transported to a time where nothing but simply beating the game mattered. Yay. So with high hopes, and just a little bit of trepidation I ...

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  3. Steve falls in love with Sonic again.

    The simplest things in life often bring the most pleasure.

    Thank God that someone at Sega finally realized the magnitude of that statement as it pertains to Sonic The Hedgehog. For years, Sega has tried, (woefully at that) to take Sonic into the world of 3D much like Nintendo, with their own flagship mascots. But where Mario, and Zelda have thrived in the world of 3D. Sonic hasn't fared so well. ...

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  4. These 5 games are HORRIBLE!

    Have you ever loaded up what you think is going to be the most groundbreaking, revolutionary piece of gaming software ever committed to the medium, only to find out that the game you just picked, is filled with more bugs than a 3 week old bloated deer carcass? It's happened to the best of us, and if you're anything like me, the experience can be enough to throw you into a sheer frenzy of caffeine fueled controller smashing, vengeance. The following 5 games are not only buggy, but they are so buggy, ...

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  5. NBA Jam is on FIRE! (Steve holds out hope for a Mutant League Remake)

    If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
    That seems to be the mantra behind the upcoming NBA Jam reboot. With an incredible selection of teams, crazy good old school action, and insanely slick controls for the Wii, this game is going to be a slam dunk. I managed to get my grimy little paws on this bad boy, and I am happy to say, that this is a reboot that has fared a much better treatment than some of it's colleagues. It brought a certain indescribable joy to my heart to see giant headed NBA stars ...

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